“Making Health and Fitness: A way of life” – Anirudh’s Story”

After surviving a heart attack in 2015, Anirudh Sundareshwar got focused on improving his health through cycling, gym workouts, etc but wasn’t satisfied with the results. He began with MSF TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE and changed his perspective towards health and fitness. Here’s how he pulled himself back from surgery into a healthy lifestyle!


It was a sudden heart attack in 2015 that pushed Anirudh to focus on his health. Surviving an angioplasty and having a stent, Anirudh needed to decrease his body fat percentage, increase stamina and shift to a healthier and balanced life. Mindfully practising a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime, Anirudh (38) is now pretty contended on how he is working on his health. But this journey wasn’t easy!  His trips to fitness trainers, nutritionists, and dieticians left him confused and helpless. Reflecting on his early experiences, he says

“I had gone to the trainers. I had gone to nutritionists. They all put me on standardized diets and workouts. I wasn’t getting a plan that was meant for me”

Heart attack and surgery

Anirudh had always been an active and energetic person. But when it came to food and exercise, there wasn’t a proper diet to maintain and workouts were limited to a few sessions of cycling and squash. It was the heart attack and the following surgery that left Anirudh conscious and serious about his health and fitness. He says, “2016 onwards I have been very particular about my fitness, so I have been cycling regularly, gymming, and of course a little bit of squash. But the body’s metabolism and my eating habits were such that my exercises didn’t give me any effective results on weight loss or body toning.” In an attempt to improve his health, he went through different gyms and trainers seeking a workout plus diet plan but was put on the standardized schedules that were meant for all. He says “I wasn’t able to get someone who would give me a good workout plan, get me to inform, answer my questions, give me ideas on reps, etc or give me a diet that goes along with the workout”


The Decision for a healthy change

Anirudh knew he needed something personal and focused to guide him through. This is when he approached Miten for help. Anirudh had been following Miten on Instagram for long and knew how Miten could help him. But as Miten Says Fitness was an online fitness portal, Anirudh had his own inhibitions about it.


“I had spoken to Miten, a while back when I was looking for a trainer and nutritionist, but he wasn’t available as an offline personal trainer.

So Anirudh went back to his gym and cycling routine. It helped him lose a few kilos but the imbalance in the diet would always bring the weight back. After all the trials and errors, Anirudh was demotivated by the ineffectiveness of diets and workout regimes, He wanted a reliable plan that could help him take a responsible path to fitness. Anirudh knew he had to give MSF Transformation plan a shot!


“Miten fit my reasons well because he is also from Mumbai. He kind of understands the kind of life here, the time we spend on traffic, etc. he made it much more comforting for me to go with MSF”

So in February 2019, Anirudh signed up for an 8 week MSF Transformation Plan. And by the end of 8 weeks, Anirudh could see visible changes in his stamina, fat percentage and how his body looked a lot more toned.

“It was new. I have to say I wasn’t able to comply 101% with the MSF Diets and workouts, but there were visible changes.”

Taking the journey ahead…

With the inspiring changes that Anirudh experienced through MSF 8 Weeks Transformation Plan, he was convinced about taking fitness as a way of life. Anirudh signed up for MSF’s Long term plan with the motive to stay fit, disciplined and making fitness a lifestyle. “I feel a lot more disciplined. I don’t measure fitness in inches, how my biceps are, or how they look in a particular week, it’s more about how I feel.” The long term journey with MSF gave him personalized guidance, diets, workouts, and lifestyle habits and a whole bunch of added benefits. Anirudh says,

“During the journey, I was injured in Week 16, and then I got a tennis elbow, etc. Miten came up with personalized changes and offered rest when I needed some. He even got in touch with a physiotherapist to heal the injury.”

Anirudh is currently on week 25 of the new plan and is happy with the way he has progressed.


Miten’s diet changed my food habits!

Anirudh appreciates the educational guidance on the diets that Miten offered. He shared the picture of his meals with Miten on Instagram and on the days when he cheated, he would get guidance on how it could have been balanced! 

“Instead of chicken and veggies, I went out and binged on Chicken Tikka. When I sent the picture to Miten, he explained to me how I could have limited the portion size and controlled on the calories” says Anirudh. All of this led him to become aware of what he eats, be conscious about not cheating on diet and balance out the calories.

“Miten’s diets are SUPER SIMPLE, so anyone can make it; TASTY so you don’t get bored eating it; and FILLING, so even if you have cravings for something else, your stomach is always full” Anirudh explains.

“Miten’s Diets focused on making healthy choices, on how to make the best of what is available, and pick the right food and the right quantity. It’s more educative than restrictive!”

Feeling Disciplined, and Positive about Goals

Overtime, Anirudh has gained a lot of knowledge and perspective about fitness. He knows that even if he cheats on his diet a few times, he can balance out the effects and continue with his journey. He says, “I have learned how to pick the right kind of food and right proportions on what I eat. It is about discipline, dedication, and how I feel." With positivity, contentment and assurance that every day adds up to a healthier self, Anirudh says he has changed his food habits and is inspired to make educative choices. He says,

“Sharing pictures with Miten as part of my journey has led me to see my journey from DAY 1 to today and the visible changes anytime I want. That in itself is inspiring! I keep looking at the pictures and saying that I have come a long way. With consistency and discipline, things will continue to get better.”

Finally, he shares his experience with MSF! Anirudh says, he found a trainer, a guide, and a friend in Miten. He was able to get personalized diet plans and workouts especially for his health concerns and someone who would push him to achieve his goals by answering his questions, changing the routine as per situations and being strict when there was a need.

“During the MSF Long Term plan, Miten made it very comforting for me. Workouts to match with my injury, asking for feedback, arranging physiotherapist – I didn’t expect so much of care and attention to my health, and I know I won’t get it anywhere else”

From surviving a heart attack to choosing fitness as a lifestyle, Anirudh’s story is very inspiring! Are you ready for a change?   

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