Getting the Right Mindset Is Key to Getting Fit!

For Bhaskar Godbole from Pune, it was a broken lift that forced him to climb three flights of stairs, which finally made him realize that he needed to become serious about fitness. It was a wake-up call that roused him into action. From struggling to climb stairs to becoming an MSF Transformation Challenge Winner (October 2018), read about his incredible fitness journey.


From lazy living to getting the wake-up call!

As it often is for many of us, Bhaskar was fairly active as a child, whether it was walking to school, running during his college days and trekking whenever he could find the chance. But once he started working in 2006, he settled more and more into a sedentary lifestyle, where finding time for activities like walking, running and swimming became difficult. Eating out and ordering became the norm, and he never missed the chance to indulge his sweet tooth. 

Over the years, he wasted a lot of money on gym memberships that he never ended up using. Till that fateful day in 2016 when he was forced to take the stairs because the lift at work was out of order. He recalls, “By the time I reached my floor, I was completely winded out, huffing and puffing.” It was then that he knew he had to act.

Short-term experiments to finding the long-term solution

It was on a friend’s advice that he decided to try the keto diet through an online service in Pune. And for a while, it gave him great results. He lost 8 kg in 45 days! But the minute he switched back to his regular diet, he started gaining weight again. He realized he would need something more sustainable because he could not live on a protein and fat intensive diet forever. But another two years would go by before he realized the answer had been staring him in the face for a long time.

By 2018, Bhaskar had been following MSF on social media for a couple of years. He had already exchanged a few emails with Miten when he finally decided to sign up for the MSF Transformation Challenge. He did still have his doubts, “I thought that maybe because of my own laidback attitude, it may not work, and I might end up wasting money again. But I had confidence in MSF because of what I had observed on their social media.” What he still lacked, though, was confidence in himself. But it was Miten’s first email to him, telling him that he just needed to have the right mindset, which gave him the first boost of confidence. He says, “That first sentence is still embossed in my mind. That was a game-changer for me!”

A customized plan that became a lifestyle

Looking back at his experiences, Bhaskar says

“I loved how everything was planned for me. I had been looking for a sustainable solution and that was exactly what I found with MSF. Plus, the one-on-one interactions with Miten on Instagram and over email were fabulous!”

Bhaskar was very pleased that the food in the diet plan prescribed to him was to his liking. As someone who loves Indian food, he was happy that he could continue to enjoy all its flavors. He says,

“The diet was easy. In fact, it never felt like dieting at all!”

What’s more, he even started to enjoy weight training, which he attributes to the variety: “Nothing was monotonous. I was always engaged.” This was a big change for him as he had never enjoyed working out with weights before because of how boring and repetitive it seemed to him.

Things were starting to change in his personal life as well – he quit his job and started his own venture, which gave him more time to dedicate to fitness. He explains, “Now I make sure to keep two-and-a-half hours every morning just for myself, so I can prepare my meals for the day and workout.”

Finding that inner confidence

Overall, Bhaskar says the journey has been amazing. He ended up securing 1st prize at the MSF Transformation Challenge (October 2018)! He elaborates,

 “MSF has brought positive changes in my fitness levels, as well as to how I look at food and fitness. I am more confident about my health, fitness, and body.”

There was a time when he would look enviously at all the fit-looking people in their fitted gym-wear and wished he could feel confident enough to wear such fitted clothes. And now that his body is in good shape, he feels confident enough to wear what he wants!

After winning the challenge, he updated his social media and was flooded with questions from people on how he achieved his current fitness level. He exclaims, “People have started asking me for fitness advice and guidance but I always direct them to MSF. A lot of my friends have enrolled with MSF already and many are considering the same.”

Recalling the first piece of advice he ever received from Miten about having the right mindset, Bhaskar adds, “Now I can have a ladoo or gulab jamun guilt-free, because I know I will work it all off in the gym. I now know how to get rid of those extra calories. So I no longer worry about eating sweets every now and then!”

We can’t wait to see Bhaskar conquer more fitness goals! Just stay strong and stick with the MSF mindset!

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