How Eklavya Rediscovered Fitness & Got His Confidence Back

Mumbai-lad Eklavya Rishi went from being an athletic teen who represented India in international football matches, to being an out-of-shape 20-something with a weakness for beer and biryani. Read on to see how he picked himself back up and got in the best shape of his life with the MSF 8 Week Transformation Plan.

Losing fitness & confidence

In 2014, Eklavya Rishi hit rock bottom.  For the first time in his life, he had gained a lot of weight. When he saw himself in the mirror, he saw love handles, a double chin, and a belly bulge. And it made him feel depressed and discouraged.

Looking back at his younger years, he had never found it difficult to stay fit. He had always had a passion for sports – lawn tennis, swimming, and football. Eklavya had even represented India in football against Nepal and Bhutan while in college in 2004.

But it was when he started working in 2008 that his lifestyle changed. Partying and eating junk food became the norm, and the time he spent at the gym became more and more inconsistent. Till finally, an injury – a ligament tear – put him in crutches for six weeks, and brought to an end whatever physical activity he had been engaged in.

Struggling to find a way without guidance

But it was finally in 2014 when he found he couldn’t fit into his clothes and was teased about it that something snapped, Eklavya says,

“It hit me hard because I had always been the athletic guy. I thought enough is enough.”

And over the next four years, he tried jogging, running, football, training at the gym, cycling – practically anything he could think of.

But something or the other would not click. Besides that, his stamina had taken a hit and he had simply lost the discipline that it took to stay motivated on his own. That wasn’t the only problem though – his love for beer and biryani had given him poor digestion and acidity problems.

Finding inspiration & seeking help

While he was still struggling in 2018, he saw his friends make great progress, “I started noticing that all of my friends were getting fit and transforming themselves. It really made me want to get back to my old fit self.” That’s when Eklavya came across MSF’s social media. But he was still not sure if he wanted to join.

Eklavya admits, “I tried running, jogging, cycling and working out every alternate day. But my diet was still not in check, so there was no fat reduction. And I was focusing on spot reduction, which I realized later is not even possible.”

So when the new year came rolling by, Eklavya took the plunge and signed up for the MSF 8 Week Transformation Plan, “What I had I read on the MSF website convinced me. I was motivated by Miten’s own transformation and body,” tells Eklavya.

Sticking to the plan with support & motivation

This is when the real transformation began! Eklavya exclaims,

“The MSF Diet Plan is amazing.  I never had to go hungry. My stomach felt light, and all the bloating was gone. I finally understood the importance of a good diet, and how it affects the body.

I had never eaten tomatoes all my life but now that I understood their nutritional value, thanks to my plan, I started eating them.” He even started cooking for himself and enjoying the process despite his busy work schedule.

Throughout the course of the transformation plan, he stayed determined. What helped was, this time he was not alone, he had Miten to support and motivate him,

“The best thing is how responsive Miten is. It never felt like I was speaking to someone I had never met!”

This enthusiasm meant that he always looked forward to his weekly updated plan, and had no trouble pushing his limits because he had the right guidance: “I was excited to know what the plan had in store for me each day. And because I could focus on the correct form for the first time, and went lighter on the weights, I could push my limits.” He even managed to stick to his plan while travelling, “because Miten helps me with no-equipment workouts!”

Learning about the fitness lifestyle 

And that is how the change came! Eklavya feels he underwent a great transformation,


 “My double chin went down. Everyone complimented me. The same friends who would pull my leg were shocked. And I was even able to fit into my old clothes!”

Ultimately, Eklavya’s biggest takeaway is how much he learned from just 8 weeks with MSF. He can apply the learnings in his daily life, which has turned out to be very handy as he has to travel a lot for work:

“MSF plans make you independent because you learn what kind of workout and diet are right for you, and then you know what to eat even after you are done with the plan, or when you are eating out.”

He feels that the invaluable knowledge he has gained from MSF has finally allowed him to shed his unhealthy habits.

So what does the future look like for Eklavya? Better and bigger fitness goals it seems, because he has now signed up with MSF for a long-term plan. “My goal now is to get my stamina and abs back. My injuries don’t bother me anymore, and I feel more like my former athletic self, once again,” he signs off!

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