Realising that it’s actually the small achievements that make a difference: Ritesh’s Story!


After having tried every possible workout and diet to breakthrough his skinny fat bodyweight structure and struggling to uplift his fitness levels, Ritesh realized that he needed something more personalized and tailored to his body type. He joined MSF 8 Week Transformation plan and moved on to MSF Annual Plan eventually adapting to fitness as a lifestyle and making it a norm. Here’s Ritesh’s journey of unlearning and relearning his way to fitness!


With goals of pushing back his belly fat and a balanced physique, Ritesh Gohil started his journey to fitness, enthusiastically! While office work took away most of his time, Ritesh was in need to alter his weight structure and gain a more strong and balanced physique.

Adapting to fitness as a lifestyle, Ritesh has come a long way into learning what works best for him, reinforcing healthy choices and being mindful about what feeds his body. But, the journey wasn’t as easy and simple as it seems. Ritesh says,


“I went through phases where I did everything – exercise, trying to eat healthily, etc but didn’t get the right results and it left me de-motivated”

The Conundrum of Skinny Fat

The modern-day lifestyle, Job life, travel, etc was taking a toll on Ritesh making him realize that fitness was the only way to go ahead. Conscious of his skinny fat bodyweight structure, Ritesh struggled with confidence and energy. Tiredness and fatigue were in the routine. He says,

“I was constantly working out, changing diets and yet saw no change. It led me to question myself – “why there is no outcome on the things I am trying out?” I needed a little bit of motivation to believe that I could lead a healthy lifestyle.”

With ideas of working towards the balanced physique and putting himself to more focused workout plans, Ritesh went across different gyms and nutritionists. But they all put him into standardized programs and diets that were meant for all. He says, “I was looking for a more personalized program that revolves around me. It was difficult to cope up with the gym trainers in the UK, as the diets revolve around meat and other English meals that didn’t match my choices”


A logical beginning to the fitness journey…

The real push came in when Ritesh realized that he wasn’t as fit as he thought he would be. Although he went running twice a week, skipped the bus for a walk, and made some shifts for a healthy life – he wasn’t losing belly fat or feeling his fitness levels rise.

Having followed Miten on Instagram, Ritesh found Miten’s fitness guidance inspirational. He says,

“It was interesting. Somehow, I came across his program and found that his guidance was more real. Miten wasn’t promising the world, but taking a logical way of approaching fitness. It felt genuine!”

 After having known Miten through Instagram for long now, Ritesh gained confidence that being someone from a similar background (Mumbai), Miten would understand the food choices, struggles of work, etc and devise a suitable plan as per his lifestyle. He says, “The fact that Miten had personalized and tailored workout plans for everyone with special diets revolving around their taste, flavours, and lifestyle – impressed me! I knew I had to give his fitness plans a try”


MSF 8 week Transformation plan…

Ritesh began with MSF 8 Week Transformation Plan and started learning about fitness and health choices one day at a time. He says, “Miten kept asking for feedback, and stayed positive always. When I used to say this workout isn’t working for me, he would come out with a substitute. When I said I am not enjoying this meal – it is difficult, he would alter the diet and introduced something I liked. He customized experiences as per the unique lifestyles making sure that people adapt to it and get the best out of their 8-week program”

While the first few weeks seemed enjoyable and new, there were days when Ritesh felt tired, sore, and struggling. Often he would find it all draining him down. But it was also the time when Ritesh realized that workouts and diet plans were energizing. He says, “The plan gave a kickstart to the day, I felt energized to begin the day with a positive mindset. And then Miten would share his Week 1 vs Week 8 journey through pictures which highlighted the achievements I made.”

MSF Annual Plan – Adapting to fitness as a lifestyle


Inspired by the positive changes and transformation that Ritesh underwent, he didn’t just renew the MSF 8 Week Transformation plan twice but also became one of the first few members of the MSF Annual Plan. He says,

“I realized that it was working for me. I had a bit more of natural confidence, I was more mindful and enjoying the routine. Instead of dragging myself to the gym or office, I was energized and looking forward to the morning – it was a massive change.”

 The annual plan was more like a journey. It was a big change from the transformation plan.

“The MSF annual plan was more structured, exciting, and filled with surprising changes. There were changes in workout routines, diets and constant learning that wouldn’t have come otherwise.

Being on the verge of completing the Annual Plan, Ritesh says, “It has now become a norm to be mindful about what I am eating, working out regularly, and other things. The plan has made me do certain healthy things in a natural flow!”


Food habits and MSF diets

Ritesh says, “I used to say I was a massive foodie. But MSF diet plans changed me into a controlled foodie.”

Ritesh wasn’t used to cooking, and mostly either went out for dinner or ordered in food without calculating the carbs or realizing if it was a balanced meal or just filling the stomach. The diet plans changed his perception towards food and made him more mindful of his choices. He says, “I am now more conscious of what I am eating. I am getting used to cooking and customizing as per health and taste. Even when I am travelling, I consciously look for places that serve my diet needs and binge on healthy but tasty food.”

“Miten’s diet plans are flexible and tailored to your taste and preference. I was surprised when the diet included sweet treats and ice-creams. His Diet plans are balanced, flexible and always include enjoyable meals”

While Ritesh felt guilty of going out for dinners and questioned the impacts of his bingeing, Miten made him realize that sure he needed to be mindful of eating healthy but he cannot enjoy his outings. He says,

“I realized that it was not about making 100 sacrifices or eating a bland meal, you can have enjoyable meals, sweet treats and yet maintain a healthy lifestyle”

Working out with Miten

During the MSF Annual plan, Miten made Ritesh get equipped with the workout techniques, reps, routine, etc and how the movements would impact the muscles. It is then that Ritesh had massive learning, “Workout was the whole idea of muscle and mind connection”.

While Ritesh had always focused on increasing weight on reps for shaping his body, Miten helped him understand how movements and their impact matter the most.

Miten made me realize how certain movements impact the muscles and maximize the outcome of it.”

Positive about today and future

Finally, after years of constant unlearning and relearning, Ritesh says that he is today at a safe place where maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become a norm. He is more mindful of his food choices, eating habits and workout routines than he ever was before.


“While I was having unrealistic expectations in my head, Miten made me realize that fitness is a journey and made me count on the small achievements over time. He has been a constant source of inspiration and guidance in bringing about a massive change in my life”

From struggling to reduce belly fat, the conundrum of skinny fat and unhealthy food choices to adapting to mindful eating habits and energizing workout routines, Ritesh has harped on creating an inspiring fitness story. Are you ready for a change?

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