“With the Help of MSF, I Have Recovered My Confidence & Positivity” – Yash Poojari’s Story

An unexpected surgery pushed Mumbai-based professional DJ and artist manager Yash into one of the most anxiety-ridden & negative phases of his life. But with the help of the MSF 8 Week Transformation Plan, he was able to turn things around and regain his physical & mental health, as well as a positive outlook towards life. Read his story.

At 22, Yash is happy and content with where he is in his life, but it wasn’t always like that. There was a time when he had lost his way and didn’t know if he could find his way back. Reflecting on his transformation, he says 


“I was in the worst state possible in every area of my life, and now I feel like I am getting better every day. With the help of MSF, I have recovered my confidence and my positivity towards life.”

Injuries, surgeries & other setbacks

As a school kid, Yash was always active. But after school, fitness wasn’t a part of his life anymore. Then, at 18, he started going to the gym in an attempt to look muscular and fit, but without the right guidance, he kept injuring himself. He says, “I never knew it was going to be so difficult. I had done no research; I did not follow a proper routine – no warm-up, rest, stretching. There was no professional guidance. As a result, I kept getting injured.” So much so, that he couldn’t lift weights anymore and had to stop working out for a while.

Then one day, unexpectedly, Yash had to go in for emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix, as he explains, “The previous day, I was chilling with friends, and the next day I was in the hospital. Till then I had been quite fit.” But after the surgery, he went on a downward spiral. Yash recalls, “I started gaining a lot of weight. I stopped exercising altogether because of the stitches. I had a lot of negative thoughts, and started fearing that anything could happen to me out of the blue.”


Taking the right steps to get fit again

Yash knew he could not take his health for granted any longer, so he made a resolution in the new year of 2019 to take the steps needed to make a change,


“I took a picture of myself and resolved that I would not end the year looking like this.”

He started informing himself, cutting out junk, exercising portion control and training at least thrice a week. Although he had already been following MSF’s Instagram for a while, he wasn’t yet ready to sign up for his personalized MSF Transformation Plan. He wanted to see if he could do it on his own. With all his efforts he was able to lose 4 kgs in three months, going down to 88 kgs from 92 kgs.

Convinced by the testimonials and client transformation photos, Yash finally decided it was time to join the MSF 8-Week Transformation Plan

So, on 15th April, weighing 90 kgs, Yash began with MSF’s Diet and Workout Plans. And by the end of 8 weeks, he had lost 13 kgs and was down to 77 kgs, with a body fat percentage of 8% (it was 23-24% when he had started). So how did this tremendous transformation take place?


Personalisation makes fitness easy

Yash explains:

“Miten’s diets and workouts are very personalised. It doesn’t feel like you are dieting. You eat good food and in good quantities. And I love his workouts. I still follow his workouts every week!”

In particular, Yash appreciates the detailing in MSF Workouts, explaining “Miten focuses on each part of the body. If it’s shoulders, then the front of the shoulders, the back and the middle portion – all are targeted separately. No other trainer goes into so much detail.”

What was missing when he was trying to get fit on his own was someone to give him the right information when he needed it. With Miten, that’s exactly what he got! Yash says, “If you ask for help on getting a posture right, he will send you a video to help you all he can.”

“I like how he is available all the time to clear your doubts. I’ve seen so many people doing what Miten does, but no one is up to the mark.”

As a professional DJ and artist manager, it is difficult for Yash to be disciplined, especially on weekends. He says, “During the season when I’m travelling, my sleep cycle goes for a toss. And in my nightlife, I am exposed to all kinds of unhealthy things.


“But the MSF Online Plans educate you. They teach you how much to eat, when and what to eat, and what routine to follow. So even when I’m on the road, I am equipped to control my diet”

Feeling fit, confident & positive about life

Overall, Yash has gained a lot of knowledge, and with it, confidence as well – so much so that he feels that even if he cheats on his diet every now and then, he knows he will not let it affect his overall fitness. A lot of this is because he sees the many benefits of staying fit, “Since I’ve become consistent, I haven’t fallen sick, not even caught a cold.”

“It is really interesting how eating right fixes your immune system!”

Summing up how he feels about his life, Yash says, “You are what you eat and what you do throughout the day. If you are not smoking and drinking and cut out all junk food, your body has everything it needs to function in the best possible way. Working out is necessary. Our bodies are made to work hard. If you have unhealthy habits, after a while it affects you mentally. You become negative. When you are confident about your body and health, it reflects in all aspects of your life.” Now that’s something we can all get behind!

And what about his final thoughts on MSF? Yash says he’s never felt that he’s been treated like just another customer, but has felt the care of a close friend, “Till date, I just message Miten directly if I have any queries and he is always very responsive. He’s like a close friend who really cares about you and who really knows his stuff. He never treats you like a customer.”

“During the plan, he constantly sends you emails asking for feedback, and you know it’s because he cares about your progress. I don’t see any other online coaches doing that.”

So are you ready to begin your MSF journey? As someone who has taken this journey and gained so much from it, Yash signs off saying, “You have to make up your mind that you want to do this – not just to be muscular and look a certain way, but because you want to be fit. It helps you physically and mentally. Being fit helps you think positive.”