Finding Fulfillment through Fitness

Weight wasn’t why she got into fitness. It was because she knew there was a next level of fitness that she was missing out on. Read about Ruchi Sharma from Udaipur making her fitness dreams come true and winning 3rd place at the MSF Transformation Challenge in 2018.


Weight, what? Fitness is more than losing weight

For Ruchi, “It was never about the weight!” but about something more significant. She wanted body definition but more importantly, she wanted to feel fit.

Throughout her childhood, she had been skinny and sporty. But after her wedding in 2011 and then her baby in 2015, things changed for her. Suddenly, she found herself feeling conscious about her weight. So Ruchi tried doing all the ‘right’ things, like taking yoga classes, running, etc. She did lose the weight but couldn’t get a grip on her diet, thanks to her hectic social life. But more than just numbers on the scale, Ruchi was looking for a sense of fulfilment she just couldn’t find, “I wanted to feel fit from the inside.” And that’s when she discovered MSF…

Making fitness a priority

Being a nutritionist herself, Ruchi understood the value of diet and exercise for a healthy lifestyle. But she also recognized that she needed help with getting structure and discipline into her lifestyle. And that was when, in 2018, her cousin introduced her to MSF. “He had DM-ed Miten a few times on Instagram, and Miten had very sweetly replied to his queries. So I decided to ask Miten a few things myself, about his programs and training method. It was because of how positive my initial interactions with Miten had been that I decided to go ahead with participating in the MSF Transformation Challenge in October that year,” she explains.

At that point, Ruchi had a busy social life, which meant she was going out every evening and found it very challenging to exercise any control over her diet. She had tried and failed to do it on her own. “I needed somebody to push me,” confesses Ruchi. So how did she find the Transformation Challenge?

Structure and support – The key to getting fit

Well, as it turns out, the Challenge was an easy ride for Ruchi! And she attributes it to how well Miten understood her lifestyle and individual needs, and how effectively he was able to customize her plan to suit them. Ruchi elaborates, “He understood my issues with my social life and would advise me to balance it with healthier habits. He would say, if you want defined abs, you have to control yourself. When I’d be feeling low, he would say, it’s okay, you’ll get back up!”


“He was very understanding but he knew exactly what to say to motivate me.”

Ruchi says she learnt a lot along the way about what it means to have a fitness lifestyle. She explains that it made a huge difference when Miten understood that she needed variety in her diet plan to keep it interesting:

“The diet consisted of easy-to-prepare basic recipes – dal, chawal, vegetables and fruits. I didn’t have to cut out all my carbs. I also never had to go hungry; I had plenty to eat and lots of variety.”

And what about her workout plan? Ruchi says it was never boring. During the Challenge, she mostly did HIIT-based workouts, which were fun and exciting. She also says that she had little knowledge about balancing protein intake to gain muscles. Hence, it turned out to be a great learning experience for her as well.

Making fitness a long-term commitment

Overall, Ruchi says, she was able to retain a lot of what she learned and has made it a part of her lifestyle. Although she ‘cheated a few times (“It was Diwali – so parties, of course!”), she still managed to burn the fat and saw traces of ab definition developing by the time she had completed the Challenge. And by the end of it, two months didn’t even seem like that long a commitment! What’s more, she even walked away with 3rd prize!

But Ruchi says she always wanted to come back to MSF for more! So she signed up for the MSF Annual Plan this year. With the kind of variety of exciting workouts in the MSF Annual plan, even the trainers at her local gym are stumped. She enthuses:

Nobody is doing the kind of workouts I am! Even the trainer at my local gym said this is totally different and beyond his knowledge!” 

And even though she has, at times, struggled to remain faithful to her diet plan, she’s got her eye on her next goal – a wedding she has to attend in October! And she is confident she can get there with Miten’s support. Go Ruchi, the MSF fam is rooting for you!

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