How Shreeya Got in Shape for Her Friend’s Wedding in 3 Weeks!

Mumbai-based advertising professional Shreeya Majithia had just 3 weeks to go before a close friend’s wedding and was desperate to get in shape before the celebrations. With MSF’s help, not only did she achieve her target weight, but she also got fitter with lots of energy to enjoy the functions to the fullest!

Struggles with weight

As far back as she can remember, Shreeya Majithia was on the heavier side; and her efforts to control her weight began early. Even as a school kid, she was perpetually on a diet. By the time she was in high school, she had already started working out at the gym. Nonetheless, Shreeya was, by her own admission, always some 10 kgs more than what she considered her ideal weight.

Shreeya went on to become an advertising professional, which made it even more difficult for her to remain fit. By 2016, the agency culture had led her into a routine of late nights, sinful eating and an all-round unhealthy lifestyle. As a result, she ended up gaining some 15-17 kgs in a year’s time.

Things came to a head in September 2017. A close friend was due to get married in November, and Shreeya was starting to get concerned about looking her best at the celebrations. She put up a story on Instagram talking about how she really needed to lose weight before the wedding.


Finding help at the right time

Interestingly, Miten Kakaiya (founder, Miten Says Fitness) and Shreeya had been friends at school and had recently reconnected on Instagram. Shreeya’s Instagram story compelled Miten to DM her, saying he could help her with the weight loss. But there were just 3 weeks to go before the wedding functions, and Shreeya was doubtful whether she would be able to achieve anything. Miten assured her that she could, provided she was dedicated. “I had nothing to lose, so I went for it”, Shreeya says.

For the next 3 weeks, Shreeya was constantly in touch with Miten. In the first week itself, she lost 5-6 kgs. People started noticing the change and complimenting her. This gave her the motivation she needed, and she stuck to the diet for the full 3 weeks till the wedding 

Getting quick results


 “I saw results from the very first week. My face became slimmer. People saw my selfies and started saying you’ve lost weight”,

gushes Shreeya. Over the next couple of weeks, she saw more positive changes. Her hair started looking fuller and the texture improved. Her skin developed a healthy glow. “My sleep cycle became regularized and I started sleeping well. I had more energy and was cribbing less!” As a result, Shreeya enjoyed the wedding more than she could have imagined: “I looked awesome and felt super chirpy”.

Shreeya went back to following her MSF plan once the wedding was over. She was so satisfied with her experience that she went ahead and signed up for an MSF 12-Week Transformation Plan. By the end, she had lost a total of 15 kgs, and it made a huge difference to her health:

“I am a PCOD patient. Not only did I lose weight thanks to MSF, but even my menstrual cycles also became regularized.”

MSF turned out to be life-changing for Shreeya. To date, she has never fallen back into her old, unhealthy eating habits: “I’ve stopped craving unhealthy foods. I used to be a sugar addict. Now I don’t even have a cola.”

Why did the MSF Plan work?


So what was it about MSF that worked so well for Shreeya? She says that before MSF, diets would always leave her feeling hungry. And whenever she felt hungry, she would go prowling for snacks and eat anything that came her way. She jokes “I was like a labrador!”

The MSF diet was a different experience altogether:

 “Miten’s diet was easy-to-follow and his recipes were amazing. I never feel like I was missing out on anything. He gave me the entire day’s plan. So I knew what I could eat or not eat that day even if I felt hungry at an odd time.”

As a result, Shreeya ended up building a whole new relationship with food: “I learned to count my calories. I harassed Miten with questions and taught myself. Now thanks to the MSF diet plan, I understand what foods work for me and what don’t.”

Shreeya also attributes the success of her MSF diet plan to the customization that Miten offered her every step of the way.


 “I don’t like oats. So Miten gave me a replacement. Similarly, for eggs. I became averse to eggs after a point, so he gave me alternates. He was really helpful. Not like any other nutritionist who just tells you this is what you have to eat and that’s it. Once those diets are over, you end up gaining 10 kgs again.”

She sums up by saying “Once you get used to the MSF lifestyle, you just can’t go back. The body becomes used to it”.

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