MSF 6-Week Wedding Transformation Plan

6-Week Wedding Transformation Plan

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MSF 6-Week Wedding Transformation Plan includes:

Personalised Diet Plan:

    • 6 Day weekly personalised diet plan detailing the food items that you need to eat, along with its quantities measured specifically for your body. It includes foods that you prefer and tasty recipes for every single meal.

    • 1 weekly Cheat Day

    • Updated weekly as per feedback and progress made

    • Completely Natural Food

    • Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian

Personalised Workout Plan:

    • New workout every week with detailed notes, sets, reps and rest period

    • Home or Gym based workout

    • Build muscle or cut fat

    • Complete Mobility Warm up Guide

    • Complete Post Workout Stretching Guide

    • Extreme Abs Circuits

Both your plans - Diet as well as Workout - are completely customised to your specifications and are updated weekly based on your progress and feedback.
Also included is 24/7 support and motivation via email.

Once you purchase the 6-Week Wedding Transformation Plan, I will send you the MSF Fitness Questionnaire on your email that will allow me to understand your current body condition, lifestyle, preferences and goals. You will receive your plan for Week 1 within 24 hours after you fill up the MSF Fitness Questionnaire and reply back to me.