What Makes MSF Online Training Unique & Effective


“Why would MSF work for me?” It’s a question I get a lot. The simple answer is, it works because it is customized to suit your current fitness levels, fitness goals, and your lifestyle. That means if you don’t have access to a gym, no problem! Allergic to gluten? Not an issue! I will design a plan that will be customized for you, and you ONLY. Still, confused? Read on to understand why. 

It’s not easy to trust another person with your health and well-being – especially if it’s someone you have never met and will never meet. Maybe you have tried online training before and got burned by your experience – perhaps because it didn’t give you the results, or because you felt your trainer was just never there when you needed them.

Or, it could be that you’ve always danced around the idea of getting professional coaching but have never felt sure if it was for you. After all, just going by the stereotype – a diet and workout routine sounds like a lot of work. Maybe you thought you’d have to turn your life upside-down and give up too much.   

Not with MSF Online Training! It’s very important that my clients feel confident about making fitness an organic part of their lifestyle without having to uproot it. So here’s what separates MSF Online Training from any other training module:  

1. It’s never the same!

Does being on a diet mean eating palak and broccoli all seven days a week? No way! I can’t live like that, and I wouldn’t do that to you! As part of your MSF Online Plan, your six-day diet and workout plans will be updated at least once every week, and each time will be fine-tuned based on your feedback on the previous week’s plan. So if you don’t want to be eating the same food every day, or doing the same routine endlessly, I’ve got you covered.

“I actually look forward to the workouts because they are so unique. I have learnt a lot more workouts and variations. So much so that, some people in the gym copy me!” - Akansha Sharma


2. Attention to detail

The thought of having an online trainer might make you think that you would have to figure a lot of things out on your own. But that’s not the case with MSF! Every single meal and workout for each day would be accounted for, leaving you no room for confusion. Plus, the level of detail in each plan leaves no scope for errors – making the plan very simple to understand, implement and follow. For instance, your diet plan would have details for each meal, including the food items with specific quantities. Each meal will also come with quick and easy recipes so you can whip up your tasty dish in no time. So, don’t settle for dull, bland and boring diets that will leave you feeling deprived. Go for something that will nourish your body and excite your taste buds.

 Miten’s diet was easy to follow and his recipes were amazing. I never felt like I was missing out on anything. He gave me the entire day’s plan. So I knew what I could eat or not eat that day even if I felt hungry at an odd time.” – Shreeya Majithia


3. A plan that suits your lifestyle

You shouldn’t have to worry constantly about ways to manage your workout and diet plans. Your fitness plan should fit you – as all MSF Online plans do. For instance, if your work-life makes it difficult for you to fit in more than two meals in a day, it’s fine. Your personalised plan will have no more than two meals per day. Sidenote: Contrary to (misguided) popular opinion, the frequency and timing of your meals don't have any effect on your results. On the other hand, if you’re someone that gets the urge to munch on something every couple of hours, your personalised MSF Diet Plan will make sure you get your fill every other hour.



“The diet consisted of easy-to-prepare basic recipes – dal, chawal, vegetables and fruits. I didn’t have to cut out all my carbs. I also never had to go hungry; I had plenty to eat and lots of variety.” - Ruchi Sharma  

4. Lack of access is not a problem

You don’t have to wait for the stars to align and everything to fall in place to start your fitness journey. So if you live alone and are worried about arranging for elaborate meals, your personalized MSF Diet Plan will be designed such that it is easy to follow despite your limited resources. Because the whole point is for you to get the results and for the plan to be sustainable in the long run.

So whether you only have the time to cook once a day or thrice a week, your Diet plan would be designed around your convenience. The same goes for workouts – if you can’t afford a gym and only have a limited amount of time to spare, I can make you a home-based workout plan that suits you. Trust me when I say – my sole aim is to make this process as simple and hassle-free for you as possible.

“I loved how everything was planned for me. I had been looking for a sustainable solution and that was exactly what I found with MSF.” - Bhaskar Godbole 


5. Constant support & motivation

I am constantly driven by my desire to go the extra mile and help my clients – this includes ensuring that I am available to you throughout our journey together. I would be emailing you at least once every week to collect your feedback, address any challenges that may you have faced and checked in on your progress. This is besides the fact that I am anyway available to all my clients 24/7 via email for all your queries, no matter how small, supporting and empowering you with the right amount of knowledge and motivation to carry on your fitness journey.

 “I like how he is available all the time to clear your doubts. I’ve seen so many people doing what Miten does, but no one is up to the mark.” – Yash Poojari

6. Nothing is forced on you

Unlike traditional diet advice that insists on clients eating things they don’t want, MSF does not believe in that. Simply because that’s never going to be sustainable. So if there is something that you don’t like to eat, I’ll make sure you never see that food item in your diet plan again, or if it’s a workout that’s too difficult for you, I’ll replace it with something that you can do and enjoy too!

 “I don’t like oats. So Miten gave me a replacement. I became averse to eggs after a point, so he gave me alternatives. He was really helpful. Not like any other nutritionist who just tells you this is what you have to eat and that’s it.” – Shreeya Majithia


7. Never have to go hungry to lose weight

There is a popular misconception associated with the concept of diet that says ‘dieting’ and ‘starving’ go hand in hand. Depriving your body of nourishment is not the way to get fit and it is certainly not the way MSF Online Training works! In fact, my clients are always pleasantly surprised by how much weight they end up losing despite eating a lot of food throughout the day. 

 “The MSF Diet Plan is amazing.  I never had to go hungry. My stomach felt light, and all the bloating was gone. I finally understood the importance of a good diet, and how it affects the body.” – Eklavya Rishi

8. Authentic & trustworthy

My clients’ trust is something that I take very seriously and I work hard to earn it. It’s never taken for granted. Unlike many other DM/PayTM Online Trainers, what you get with MSF Online Training is a legitimate professional service. This is no sham; I am in this for the long run and I truly care for your well-being. And this is the main reason why MSF has been able to cater to thousands of people, just like you, from all over the world.

If you’re still unsure whether MSF Online Training is for you, or if it can deliver the results you want, don’t hesitate to contact me. But if you’re finally ready to start your exciting fitness transformation journey, then avail an exclusive discount offer that's valid for a limited period only! 💪🏼