Want to gain weight without stressing on fatty food? Let’s get healthy about it!

The spectacle of weight loss has convinced people of the myth that gaining weight is easier than losing it. The truth, however, is that healthily gaining weight is tough too and best known by the people who are actually into the journey.

Firstly, the stomach size of an underweight person is small as compared to other people, so overeating or fancying a large appetite is a challenge. Secondly, in spite of a good appetite, people may remain thin and gain unhealthy fat making the process even more complicated. While there can be many reasons for remaining underweight, the solution is in the science!

Whether you want to gain weight or lose it, your focus should be on the principle of energy balance! Are you intrigued? Read more about it! 


The science of calorie counting

Your body energy works based on calorie intake and expenditure. Sufficient intake of calories gives energy to your body, builds up muscles, fat, etc and supports the body functioning. Calorie expenditure is the calories burnt by the body in a day i.e. through physical activities like walking, sitting, talking, sleeping, fidgeting, running, playing, bodily functions, etc. The total amount of energy spent in a day is the Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE).  

To gain weight, one needs to be in a calorie surplus i.e. the total calorie intake in a day should be more than TDEE. And for this to happen, you should either eat more calories (food) than what your body burns in a day or burn fewer calories than what you consume in a day. Alternatively, if you are looking for weight loss, its about consuming fewer calories in a day or burning more than calorie intake. 


Gaining weight the healthy way

Of course, being lousy or crashing on a sofa with a large pizza to go with NETFLIX isn’t the ideal way to gain weight. After all, health is important! And if you are aiming for a bulked-up body like that of THOR or your Instagram Inspiration or even the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan – you need a bit more than calorie surplus to build those muscles up. A healthy diet is a must. But more than just eating fruits, vegetables or 5 eggs a day, it is important to understand the macro splits in your diet and fill up your plate with the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats. Diet, Discipline and Dedication go hand in hand to gain weight.

A well-planned strength training session for a prolonged period of time is crucial in your diet to ensure the excessive energy from your diet is consumed to build up muscles (and not get stored as fat). Hence, working out is essential for gaining weight as it is for losing it. With a protein-rich diet to follow and a well-suited workout routine, you can build up the muscles slowly and gain a defined physique. A good workout also brings in more stamina, strength, and positivity. Over time a high-protein calorie surplus diet with the right workout routine will make you look just the way you want to see yourself in the mirror!

Cut through the stress of overeating or adding more butter to your bread – plan on calorie surplus consciously and form the habit of gaining weight with responsibility. Connect with me on mitensaysfitness@gmail.com to help you get started!