The ‘One Trick’ to lose belly fat/man boobs!

It is not uncommon for us all to look at the mirror from time to time and find the dearth of fitness, health or body shape underlying somewhere. Looking at the number of eyesores – beer belly, love handles, thigh fat, arm fat, double chin, butt & hips, man boobs, etc, we keep asking for remedies to get rid of these through specific exercises.

“How to reduce belly fat?”, “Are there any specific exercises to tone my arm fat only?”, “How to lose the thigh fat faster?”, “How do I get rid of the man boobs?” “How do I get rid of my tummy?” – The questions keep floating. While the common fitness settings distort our understanding by giving specific exercises for the so-called “Trouble Areas” – it’s time we let the truth out in the open – Spot Fat Reduction is a Myth and is simply not possible! If someone promises/tells you otherwise - they are either selling you something or are lying blatantly without any scientific knowledge.

‘One Trick’ to lose belly fat/

Lose fat all over – or not at all!

Our bodies are made in such a way that it loses fat from all over. Practising an exercise or following a diet works on not just one area but the entire body. As a result, the effects show on your entire body. So if you want to reduce your beer belly or double chin (or any other body fat), there are no exercises that will help you burn the fat in those specific areas. You have to start exercising, follow a calorie deficit diet and watch the effect show all through. Where it goes from the first and the last depends on person to person. So, If you aren’t losing fat from one place, chances are that your concern area is the most stubborn of all. However, the results shall get there in time, provided you stay consistent!

How will you be able to lose fat from all over?

The single straightway to lose fat from all over or looking to losing weight/fat with/without any activity – A Calorie Deficit Diet is the way! Calculating the Total Daily Energy Expenditure i.e. the number of calories your body burns daily, you can start to consume fewer calories per day or burn more calories than what you consume in a day to create a calorie deficit. Managing the food intake closely (by counting your calories) and indulging in activities like weight training, walking, cycling, jogging, running, dancing, Zumba, aerobics, swimming etc - you can burn fat daily and shed off those extra bulk from the body.

Keeping track of your Calories

 Keeping track of your Calories

Implementing a calorie deficit diet is pivotal to reducing flabbiness off your body. From tea, coffee, and juices to salad bowls, cheesecakes, and wholesome meals - Start measuring each and every food item that you consume during the day. This includes every single ingredient that goes into the preparation of the dish - including something as small as half tsp ghee/oil or 50 grams of a fruit! Keeping your calorie count below the Today Daily Energy Expenditure consistently for about 3-4 weeks will help you see a reduction in your body fat. Perhaps, a consistent drop in your body weight too. If you don’t get to see the effects in 3-4 weeks, chances are that you weren’t in a calorie deficit or weren’t consistent enough. Irrespective of your health concerns, hormonal imbalances, or body type, Calorie Deficit is the solution to your weight loss quests.  Implementing both, a calorie deficit diet and consistency, are pivotal to lose that fat. 


Breakthrough the fat loss fads!

Most of the conventional gyms and weight loss gurus claim of magic pills, slimming teas, sauna belts, and detox drinks to work specifically on flabby arms, bellies, thighs, etc. While the contents and promotions seem lucrative - these are just expensive tribunes with no promises to keep. There is no magic pill to lose weight from specific areas of your body. Skip the detox/slimming teas. Ignore the sauna belts. And save yourself from the marketed superfoods, fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-carb food packages as there is nothing apart from a sustained daily calorie deficit that will magically help you cut that extra fat off your body.  

Practice and Patience

Practice and Patience

With years of uncontrolled diet and unhealthy lifestyle, losing those bulgy backs, double chin or love handles sounds too daunting and a far fetched dream? Fret Not! Your Weekly Cheat Days will help you push through your routine. Your diet DOES NOT have to be filled with boring, bland and tasteless food. All you need to know is the math behind it or hire yourself a coach who will lay things down in plain English for you. Someone who can transform your regular food into healthy eating and help you stay patient and persistent on eating right. Grace yourself. Give yourself patience and time. Stay Consistent. The change you are seeking will come your way! 

To cut the answer short – Reducing those love handles or belly fat is as easy as getting your diet in order. And it is not about going bland. Let those Chole-Bhature, Rajma Chawal, Idli-Sambar, or even Biryani make its way into your dinner. Skip that extra butter/cheese on your toast and say goodbye to that extra fat on your belly. Calorie controlled and measured diet is your way to burn that fat and attain those curves!

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