How to measure your progress?

Did you know that 90% of people fall off their fitness journey because they were not able to see visible results quickly? 

There’s a lot of nuance as to HOW to know if you are getting stronger and if you are measuring it right! 

Truth be told, if you are putting in the effort to get stronger day by day and maintaining your diet – your body is undergoing change, you just won’t be able to see it all the time! Getting stronger doesn’t mean piling on more weight and sweating out in the gym, getting stronger can be seen in the little things… 

The fitting of the clothes: See how your clothes fit you. Is your regular t-shirt feeling loose/tight, or your clothes size has changed? If you see yourself fitting better into your clothes, you’re progressing! 

Ability to do more reps: If you have gone from one push-up to 5 pushups to 10 to 20, you don’t need us to tell you you’re progressing! 

You are recovering better: Your muscles are bound to feel sore when you work out after a big break or push off your limits. But if your muscle soreness and stiffness are becoming less and less intense with each workout session, you are progressing!  

You have the energy: Daily routines can make you tired and fatigued if you’re unfit. Workouts boost energy and keep you active. If you find yourself making it to the end of the day feeling less tired or a little bit more energetic, you are definitely progressing!

If all of the mentioned signs feel relatable, in all likelihood you are making progress! But if you’re thinking to yourself “maybe I am not as strong as I think” or keep checking the weighing scale to track your progress, MSF is here to guide you

“The numbers on the scale do not define you!” In fact, weighing is our least favourite tool to measure your progress. Let us tell you why! 

This guy right here, started the MSF programme when he was 65 kgs and although he transformed his body entirely in 3 months, his weight remains the same i.e. 65 Kg!! 

Although his weight remains unchanged, the biggest transformation here is that he gained strength and built muscles! How does this happen? 

Well, the explanation is simple! Our body is made up of four types of “weights”:

  • Muscle mass
  • Fat mass
  • Bone density
  • Water mass 

While WE CAN’T do much about your bone density and water mass… WE CAN focus on reducing your fat mass and increasing your muscle mass. 

So what happens when you lose fat and build muscle? 

Your overall weight remains the same! But you still transform into a much fitter, leaner, stronger, more energetic, and more confident person. 

So gauging your progress on the weighing scale alone is not the right approach to measuring progress as it can demotivate you while you are still making real progress.

That’s why taking photos of yourself regularly helps you get a much better idea of how well you’ve been progressing and motivates yourself to continue working on your fitness goals! 

Don’t let that sneaky scale get you down, or doubt if you are getting stronger or not!  

It's time to shift focus on kicking fat to curb while keeping those muscles flexin’. In our MSF Programme, we help you follow and maintain a 100% customized workout and meal plan that works for your fitness goals and your body type. 

Sign up for the MSF Programme now! Snap those progress pictures, measure those problem areas, and watch those inches convert to muscle gains like magic! 

Because you’re definitely making progress with MSF!