Exercise to uplift your Mental Health

Exercise to uplift your Mental Health !  

As the coronavirus lockdown turns our work and lifestyle upside-down – activity levels are at an all-time low! Replacing ordered food with homemade, shifting office life to Work From Home and maintaining a lively daily routine has become the biggest struggle today. While Netflix-ing all night, waking up late, staying online all day, eating junk food, and being bedridden might feel joyous, a sedentary lifestyle is known to attract health risks and mental trivia, the effects of which show only when the damage is done.

The lockdown was to last 21 days, but the extension of it has left us with practically 8+ months of inactive lifestyle – something that can disturb not just our physical fitness but also our mental wellness and emotional balance. As you go by your days practising social distancing and self-isolation, it’s time to rethink your lifestyle and habits before these end up disturbing your mind.

Healthy sleep patterns

An average person requires almost 8-10 hours of sleep every day. And it isn’t just about the hours spent sleeping, but also quality and routine that matters. For a healthy mind and body, its important to sleep and wake up on time. More so, it is important to have a deep sleep and relax your mind and body. Working out for even 30 minutes daily will help you fight through insomnia and abrupt sleeping patterns. It relieves stress from the body and helps you relax muscles so that when you go to bed – you catch up on your deep sleep.

Control on stress and anxiety

Working out is one of the best ways to control stress and anxiety. Exercising helps ease the body, release tension from muscles and release endorphins that uplift your mood and reduce stress. As you go about cardio workouts or strength training, your body sweats out the toxins from the body, releases happy hormones and calms the mind. The accomplishment of a great workout ultimately refreshes your mind, reduces stress, and controls anxiety – making you feel positive and alive throughout the day.

Emotional balance 

With so much going on around the world and sad news popping in front of you now and then, it is likely to feel emotional and overwhelmed about it. But, it isn’t the time to get weighed down by the impact of a pandemic, but to be strong and fight through this time – as it is temporary! Breakthrough your patterns and make time for yourself. Try out my MSF Transformation Plan for just 4 weeks to drift your mind away from the daily chores and dedicate some time of your day to your health and fitness. Working out can help you uplift your mood, feel good and make the most of your time to not just transform physically but also tend to your emotional health.  

Improve Self Confidence

Exercising qualifies as self-love. It also becomes a window for you to get a fresh perspective of yourself and boost your confidence. Exercising elevates one’s sense of attractiveness, self-worth, and strength. It helps you recognize just how strong, capable and nurtured you can be. As you shatter your limitations and achieve new fitness goals – you experience a major boost in confidence and the way you present yourself. Try working out during these lockdown times, and you will see how accepting, open and confident you shall feel for yourself.

Boosts brain power and memory

Apart from strong muscles, a well-shaped body and mental wellness, if there is one mighty benefit of exercising – it is your brainpower. Exercising helps optimize body functioning, which in turn aids brain performance. So if you are spending some time burning calories, you are also improving your thinking power, memory, ability to learn, focus and channel mental energy. Exercising doesn’t just make your body stronger but also your brain healthier!

If you aren’t sure of how to independently transform your lockdown routine, then try out my MSF Transformation Plan for just 4 weeks - Home/gym-based Workouts with minimal commitment and a greater opportunity for you to work towards a brighter future for yourself - one in which you can comfortably embrace the change and begin the journey of a more mentally stable and physically fit life!