Best healthy snacks to carry on the go!

Eating healthy at home is far easier and convenient than when we step out. Stepping out of home makes it difficult for us to eat healthily and keep the streak of nutritious eating alive. The snack options available at food chains and grocery stores push us into eating unhealthy food, leaving us feeling zapped for any nutrients.
The best way to combat this is to pack your food. Whether you are stepping out for work or going on a road trip, bringing healthy and filling snacks for the journey will help you in making nutritious choices on the go.

Packing your healthy snacks will help you survive those stretches between meals without getting hangry or mindlessly binging on unhealthy treats. What’s more? There are a variety of tasty and fulfilling healthy snacks that you can carry with you on the go. To make your snacking experience better, here’s a list of the best healthy snacks that are easy to pack and eat.
  1. Walnuts and Pistachios: Loaded with plant-based protein, these nuts are also full of unsaturated fats and fiber. Walnuts especially have the highest amount of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids as compared to other nuts. They are easy to store and easy to pack for when you’re stepping out of home and are likely to keep you feeling full for a long time. However, they tend to be higher in calories so you must limit your portions when consuming them.

  2. Popcorn: Light and airy, popcorn is a great source of
    fiber and complex carbs. It is a great way of satisfying your snacking tendencies without consuming over-the-top calories. However, make sure you avoid getting the microwave popcorn available in the market and instead grab the natural ones at the food store. Pop some on your kitchen stove and season them with salt, your snack is ready.

  3. Carrots and cucumber: Carrots and cucumber are great crunchy snacks and have a high nutritional value. They are the perfect snack for when you want something to munch on while traveling or just out of boredom. To make it more interesting, you can add your favorite seasonings.

  4. Grapes and watermelon: If you are craving for something sweet, grapes and watermelon are a healthy, easy and sumptuous option to meet your munching needs. High in water content, these fruits easily qualify as a healthy choice on the go. A handful of grapes or just a slice of watermelon can be packed in boxes anywhere you travel. 

  5. Hummus with veggie sticks: An incredibly popular Middle Eastern dip and spread, hummus is a delicious snack option that is typically made by blending chickpeas. Protein-packed and full of vitamins and minerals, hummus can be eaten with veggie sticks, making the snack a great source of fiber. Go for it when you need a light bite, and it will keep your belly happy and full.

  6. Greek yogurt: rich, creamy, and tarty, Greek yogurt is an incredibly smart snack choice. While it is immensely healthy, the flavor of Greek yogurt allows the flexibility for adding a variety of tasty and healthy toppings keeping your snack time interesting all the way. Experiment with your Greek yogurt by topping it with fruits, nuts, granola, honey, or any other topping of your choice, and keep it fun.

  7. Guacamole with sliced bell peppers: Another great dip and veggie combination that works great for a healthy snack is guacamole with sliced bell peppers. Guacamole can be quite nutritious and is full of good, healthy fats from avocado. Make some guacamole at home and pair it with some sliced bell peppers to get some additional nutrients.
A healthy snack will not just satiate and decrease your hunger, but also keep you from overeating at mealtime. There are various other healthy snacks that you can try on the go such as bananas, dates, fox nuts, baked chickpeas, homemade protein balls, and dark chocolate.Looking to eat healthy while satisfying your taste buds? Check out my MSF Transformation Plans that offer nutritious recipes along with macro and calorie counted meals custom made for your dietary preferences, lifestyle, budget, and health and fitness goals.