You have to believe in yourself: Abhijeet Singh Narwal

Delhi-based Abhijeet Singh Narwal had always had a hectic life to lay attention to his health and fitness. The Covid-19 led lockdown came as a blessing in disguise for him to get back into shape. With the MSF Transformation Plan, he has been able to shatter his mental and physical barriers to not only shed off a lot of weight but also control his alcohol intake.

 Fitness isn’t a trophy you win after having trained hard for days. It is the journey where you take mindful baby steps to work on yourself and uplift your health. Delhi-based Abhijeet Singh Narwal, a young and dynamic B2B sales professional working for Uber, had his little trip around fitness that changed his perception.

Having stayed fit almost his entire life, Abhijeet found himself weighing 84 kgs at the end of 2019 and stuck in a hectic lifestyle where he believed he stood no chance to lay attention to his health. Given the fancy work environment that offered him a paradise of junk eating, a social circle that connects on alcohol, and a lifestyle that revolves around traveling, he believed there is always a limit to how fit he could ever get again. During the lockdown in 2020, Abhijeet joined MSF 4-week Plan and took out time to get fit and that is where the story begins. 

How I found MSF! 

‘I used to follow MSF on Instagram and the endless success stories of real-life people always inspired me. But I was unsure if I could fit such a dedicated routine into my hectic work life’ shares Abhijeet. ‘When the world went into lockdown, I took it as an opportunity to work on myself. I signed up for the MSF 4-week plan believing I would turn a little fit’ he adds. 

“I started with a one-month plan to give MSF a try. I saw a big change, not just weight-wise but health-wise too. And so I extended it for another 3 months”

‘Having a dedicated workout and diet plan customized to my needs was an eye-opener. I knew it was working for me in the right direction’ says Abhijeet.

“I used to weigh 80kgs when I started, and at the end of 15 weeks, I was weighing 68 kgs. It was a big accomplishment for me.”

Diet Vs Saturday Night Plans with friends 

‘With a social circle that meets almost every Saturday over drinks and food, following a dedicated diet and controlling on alcohol was a struggle’ says Abhijeet. ‘While I have tried controlling on alcohol and failed a few times, with MSF I have come to believe that with dedication I could do that too. I only drank twice in over 15 weeks of following MSF Diets’ he adds. 

“I wanted to drink a beer sometimes during my diet, and MSF gave me a more healthy alternative”

‘In the beginning, I avoided going out to meet friends on Saturdays as it would tempt me to drink to binge on junk’ says Abhijeet. ‘Slowly and steadily, I won over my temptations and could conveniently follow my diet without having my social life disturbed’ he shares.

Breaking the inhibitions

‘I used to believe that there are certain boundaries that I couldn’t push. Being working for over 7 years and having an unhealthy and hectic lifestyle, I believed I could only achieve fitness to a certain level. But the lockdown came as a blessing in disguise’ says Abhijeet.

“Joining MSF during lockdown helped me break through my mental barriers and conquer fitness goals that I hadn’t even thought of!”

 ‘During the lockdown, I had the time and space to work on myself. With such in-depth guidance, I knew I could achieve my goals better’ says Abhijeet. ‘After making efforts for too long there has to come a time when you see the results. And MSF was that for me!’ he adds.

How the family transforms with your plan! 

‘I live with my family in Delhi. In the beginning, my mom was skeptical about my diet plan and routine. But looking at my dedication and willingness to work on myself, the family extended support to make it easy for me’ says Abhijeet. ‘So I had a dedicated space to work out and my mom used to cook the diet food for me to help me go with the journey’ he adds.

“When my family saw my dedication and willingness, they became very supportive. I had the flexibility and space to go about the MSF Diet and Workout plan”

 ‘Living with parents during lockdown was a journey on its own. But when I took up the MSF 12-Week Transformation Plan, my dedication and hard work earned a lot of space and flexibility for me’ says Abhijeet. ‘Stocking up food, cooking meals as per time, and having the right space to workout became easy’ he shares.

What have I achieved...

‘Having followed a disciplined and committed routine to health and fitness, a lot has changed in me. Today I have definite fitness goals and look at my challenges in a different light’ says Abhijeet. ‘With MSF I have come to believe that some things in life are just mental barriers and that we can conquer them’ he adds. 

“Before MSF I wasn’t able to fit into my clothes. After 15 weeks of the MSF Transformation Plan, the clothes were not fitting me. The change is unbelievable”

 ‘I had only thought of turning fit or losing a few kilos, but I have come a long way’ shares Abhijeet. ‘As we go back to the normal, I aim to inculcate the diet and workout with my daily routine and make fitness a sustainable advent for me’ he adds.

“It’s the baby steps that counts. It’s the persistence that counts. It's all about believing in yourself, and the process.”

 Having made the most of the time available and putting in mindful efforts of cutting out alcohol, inculcating routine, and healthy food into his life, Abhijeet has been able to achieve his fitness goals with vigor. With another MSF 12-week Transformation Plan ahead, he aims to get fitter, stronger, and healthier with time.

Feeling inspired by Abhijeet’s journey? If you too are feeling stuck somewhere in your daily routine or aren't able to push through those mental barriers of achieving your fitness goals, check out the MSF Transformation Plans. Get a result-driven and custom made diet and workout plan to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.