The only variable in your control is your fitness: Radhika Sethia

A busy city life, love for food, and hectic work life is the perfect recipe for many of us to lose track of our health and fitness. The lack of time often leads us to choose a burger over a salad bowl. And before we know it, we fall off the fitness wagon so far that it feels tough to get back.

Living in the hustle and bustle of London, Radhika Sethia had a similar experience trying to juggle her busy work schedule and her love for fine dining and socializing. While she has always been a health-conscious person, she realized she had put on some extra weight. 

With the world under lockdown, and no sight on when it is going to end, Radhika focused her 2020 goals on health and fitness, turning vegan and uplifting herself to fight through these challenging times. This is her story!

A Platform Specialist by profession and indulging in Michelin star restaurants of London and takeaways as a food blogger – Radhika’s busy lifestyle and love for a good meal led her to ignore her health. While she felt low energy levels and affected self-esteem, she couldn’t find the time and focus on her health. With the World in lockdown, she realized that the only variable in her control was to turn her attention to selfcare. Radhika took up the MSF Transformation Plan and began her 6 month journey losing an impressive 16kgs and dropping two dress sizes.

Where it all started

‘I have always been a healthy person. But realized that due to my busy work life, I often sacrificed my health’ says Radhika. ‘Moreover, my part-time food blogging had me to dining at some of the best restaurants in London, enjoying decadent meals.

“MSF taught me that on my plate - everything is good in moderation. Today I am eating healthy and doing 200 squats a day with more energy left to do other things”

 ‘With MSF, I have been able to practice healthy and clean eating. MSF has made me understand the importance of protein. And how a calorie deficit doesn’t mean starving’ says Radhika. ‘MSF has made me more mindful in terms of what I put into my body’.


A mindful shift to fitness

‘Weight gain affected my confidence, self-esteem, and the way I perceived my body. I could notice the lack of energy and that my physical activities got limited to just taking the train to work’ says Radhika. ‘I lost a loved one just before the lockdown, and it pushed me into focusing on my health and goal for the next year. One of my primary goals was to lose weight and get fit’ says Radhika.

‘MSF taught me that even as a vegetarian, I can train and achieve results. I learned how to enjoy eating healthy foods. I have been able to gain abs, manage exercise routines while having a busy work life, and that consistent effort does show results in due time’. 

‘With COVID19 related lockdown and dramatically rising cases, I got into thinking that the only variable one can control to fight through these health concerns is your health and fitness. If your health is in check, you stand a better chance at fighting with the disease’ says Radhika. ‘Lockdown also gave me the time to really put in that effort, and achieve my goals of getting fitter and losing weight’.

“MSF has given me a focus on health and fitness. It has prepared me to fight through any illness that comes my way”

I achieved Veganism!

‘One of my other goals of 2020 for me was to turn vegan. And MSF has helped me learn that not only can I be fit, but also vegan. The diet ensured that healthy food is fun’ says Radhika. ‘ I wanted to treat my bloating issues. Excessive milk and yogurt caused me skin acne. MSF diet fit right into my lifestyle goals to help me identify the right sources of food that helps me achieve my goals’ says Radhika.

“My MSF Diet helped me fight through bloating and acne issues. It helped me achieve my goal of turning Vegan!”

‘The diet plan really ensured that I was getting the right kind of food that could tackle all of my concerns’ says Radhika. ‘And in this attempt, I was never starving or craving for anything. Even on my cheat days, I ended up starting my day with a smoothie’ she shares.

My Biggest Challenge 

‘One of the biggest challenges in my weight loss journey was to switch to vegan protein’ says Radhika. ‘During the lockdown, the delivery of protein supplements was disrupted which led me to try vegetable protein alternatives that didn’t work well. When I shared the concern with MSF, we discussed and shifted to MyProtein‘.

“MSF helped me switch to a vegan protein that suited my body and lifestyle goals. I now use MyProtein Pea Protein Isolate to achieve my​ results”

‘With MSF, I have been able to incorporate my lifestyle goal of turning vegan and achieved it to great extent. Identifying the best-suited vegan protein for me, MSF has made me achieve my fitness goals easily’.

Numbers don’t lie!

 ‘In my weight loss journey, I would often find myself stuck to a certain weight even after working hard for weeks. In these times, the scale wouldn’t show any weight loss. And so I practiced measuring my body fat percentage, Body Mass Index, etc’ says Radhika.

“Sometimes, even if the change isn’t visible on the scale, it's visible in our Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Mass Percentage, etc. Numbers don’t lie!”

‘I would consistently measure my body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage, etc on a smart scale to see if things were moving in the right direction’ says Radhika. ‘Keeping a check on my body macros helped me stay positive and motivated towards my journey’ she shares.

Driven by her determination and willingness to bring about a change in her health and fitness, Radhika Sethia has transformed her idea of fitness and body in a short span of time. She believes that one shouldn’t be scared of fitness routines and remain positive. Every step taken towards fitness counts and the results start showing in due time. In these tough and challenging times, Radhika says that ‘If you want to invest into something, don’t buy a designer Bag invest in yourself’ ​                                                                                              

Does Radhika’s story inspire you? If you too are struggling to break through your busy lifestyle or food habits and want to choose health and fitness as your armour, check out the MSF Transformation Plans. Get a result-driven and custom-made diet and workout plan that doesn’t make you struggle too hard and achieve your health and fitness goals with constant guidance, motivation, and support.