MSF taught me how to eat healthy: Mitesh Thacker

Gujarat-based logistics associate Mitesh Thacker had an on-the-go lifestyle that kept him away from the joy of healthy eating. While he had a dedicated workout routine at his regular gym, he binged on junk food and order-ins for his regular eating habits. With the MSF Transformation Plan, he has been able to make the most of his time during lockdown to shape his body and learn what healthy eating feels like.


Health and fitness is a journey, one which most of us have forgotten due to the easy availability of tempting food, and busy lifestyle. And sometimes it almost takes a pandemic, to unlearn and relearn the basics of fitness. Digging into a regular vegetarian diet, and a custom-made workout routine Mitesh Thacker found his way to fitness.  

Being working as an associate in logistics, Mitesh always had a busy schedule and a lot of travel to do. But as the world went into a state of lockdown, he thought he could finally give some time to his fitness and shape his body. While Mitesh has been a regular at Gyms and has had experiences of training under Personal trainers, MSF Transformation plan was an eye-opener for him! 

I never knew what healthy eating was…

‘Being always on the go, I was in a habit of eating food at irregular times and it mostly consisted of junk foods or order-ins’ says Mitesh. ‘Potato was my favorite food. And I had never given in to the idea of healthy eating’ he shares.

‘Never in my life had I experienced how healthy eating feels like, until now. And with the MSF Diet Plan I knew I was going for good because it felt lighter and energetic all the time’

‘I began with a 2-week workout plan, but the 8-Week MSF Transformation Plan brought about the biggest change in me. The diet was full of nutrient-rich food that pairs well with my workout’ shares Mitesh. ‘MSF has taught me how to eat healthy’ he shares.

A myth shattered...

‘Being a fitness enthusiast, I had been a regular at gyms for over 2 years before joining MSF. And I used to believe that non-veg food is essential to build strong muscles’ says Mitesh.

“MSF proved me that regular vegetarian food can give us essential protein and build muscles”

‘As I started adapting to the MSF Diet plan, I had the revelation that regular Indian Food is so enriched with nutrients that it is sufficient to give us a healthy diet’ he shares.

A workout routine that works..

‘I have been working out regularly at gyms for long now. But never experienced custom-made home workouts. And it changed the way I perceive workouts’ says Mitesh. ‘While initially, the workout seemed light, it got better with time and I learned new ways of training my body’

“My workout routine kept me going through the lockdown”

‘The workouts were a good mix of cardio, HIIT, and strength training that took care of my fitness goals and directed me in the right direction’ shares Mitesh. ‘Week after week, I could slowly see my abs building up and my body gaining a defined shape’ he shares.

How I take my fitness…

‘MSF Diet and Workout routine has kept me active and going during the lockdown’ says Mitesh. ‘Fitness is about creating a balance between mind, body and soul’ he shares. 

“Working out helps me take out my daily frustration, stress, etc, balance my thoughts and emotions, and keeps me positive all the time”

‘Following a dedicated routine makes you lookup for positive things all through the day’ says Mitesh. ‘It has taught me how every meal has an impact on your health and fitness’ he shares.

Signing up for a 2-week workout plan, 8-Week MSF Transformation Plan, and then renewing for another 12-Week MSF Transformation Plan, Mitesh has taken out time to nurture his body. Having transformed his body shape over time, and learning about the perks of healthy eating – Mitesh has undergone a big change personally in terms of fitness. He wishes to stick with the diet routine further to achieve his fitness goals and make healthy eating a lifestyle. 

Feeling inspired by Mitesh’s journey? If you too are feeling stuck somewhere in your daily routine or want to take this time of uncertainty as a certain path to fitness, check out the MSF Transformation Plans. Get a result-driven and custom made diet and workout plan to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.