MSF helped me reclaim Health and Fitness: Akshit Verma

While Akshit had always been a regular at the gym and eyeing on maintaining health, his hectic school life and love for restaurant-food kept him from achieving his fitness goals. And before he realized it, the habit of ordering food from restaurants left him in the midst of health concerns. While acknowledging health concerns, Akshit knew he needed guidance and discipline to achieve his goals. And this is when he signed up for MSF Transformation plans and reclaimed health and fitness. 

An 18-year-old Btech student and a football player, Akshit Verma found himself amid health concerns that seemed too difficult to conquer. Unhealthy food habits, sports injuries, and a hectic high-school life led Akshit to struggle with his health concerns. Increasing difficulties due to health concerns and the space to work on health due to worldwide lockdown gave Akshit the time and energy to nurture the health and heal from within.

Acknowledging his concerns and aiming for a change, Akshit has slowly and steadily taken steps to improve his health and get fit with MSF. Losing 8kgs of pure fat in 6 months, healing a long-time knee injury, and disciplining his eating patterns – Akshit Verma has come a long way. This is his story!

The initial days were difficult for me…

‘In the beginning, it was difficult to incorporate a new diet and workout routine, especially with my health concerns. For the initial two weeks, I skipped the breakfast and lunch plan and only followed the dinner plan. Gradually I started with a full-day routine and incorporated the workouts slowly’ says Akshit. ‘The process started getting easier from the second month’ he shares.

“MSF offered me the flexibility to cook meals as per my taste and eat/workout as per my timings. It fits into my lifestyle and comfort so well that following it became the new routine”

‘Often I would get bored with the diet and needed a change. MSF would incorporate the changes in the diet as per my preferences. And even though the ingredients remained the same, the dishes would change – making it a whole new experience’ says Akshit.

“MSF didn’t make me follow any fancy or westernized diet – The Diet Plan was very much similar to what we eat at home”

From ordering in restaurant food to eating healthy meals… 

‘Somewhere in December 2019 to March 2020, I became too regular in ordering food from outside. I used to order restaurant foods like McD Burgers etc almost twice a day. And it affected my health big time’ says Akshit. ‘My blood pressure was high, blood sugar levels were on borderline, I had difficulties concentrating on something for more than 20 minutes and I was struggling with a constant headache’ says Akshit.

“MSF helped me shift from restaurant-ordered meals to homemade health-conscious eating”

‘So when the lockdown happened, I knew I could break through this unhealthy habit and practice healthy eating’ says Akshit. ‘MSF brought me that discipline, guidance, and ease into following a dedicated plan that could break through my old habits and help me take charge of my health’ he shares.

 My leg injury healed...

‘I am a football player. And I had been suffering from injuries in my knee, ankle, and wrist that kept me from playing football for over a year now’ says Akshit. ‘My injuries rendered it difficult for me to put any external pressure, lift weights, or play football. But through MSF’s guidance I have been able to heal my injuries, build up strength in my legs, and return to playing again’ he shares.

“MSF’s clean, nutritious and balanced eating has helped me heal my leg injury. It took care of my nutritional requirements that helped me recover from injuries with ease.”

‘When I started following MSF’s Workout routine, I realized that my leg injury was due to bad workout posture and the constant pressure of playing football. Moreover, my unhealthy eating patterns didn’t give my body the nutrition it needed’ says Akshit. ‘MSF’s clean and healthy eating gave me the required nutrition check to be able to recover from my injuries with ease’ he shares.

 My struggles...

‘I started with tons of issues on my plate. I had my health concerns, unhealthy eating habits, and injuries – all of which required care and attention’ says Akshit. ‘The MSF meal plans and workout routines were custom-made to my needs and preferences. It helped me address my health concerns and come out strong’ he shares.

“I joined MSF with a lot of health issues, dietary concerns, and injuries. They took care of all my concerns and designed a super special plan that helped me heal”

‘From home workouts to meal plans that suited my taste palette and preferences, MSF took care of my health concerns, injuries, etc to give me the best assistance I could get’ says Akshit. ‘The workout and diets were so interesting and yet effective – I knew I couldn’t have had better’

“I have been working on my health for a long time now. But the change that MSF has brought in 6 months, I haven’t seen in the past 2 years”

A note about MSF!

‘In my journey to reclaiming health and fitness, there were weeks when I fell off track and couldn’t work on the plan. MSF always gave me the motivation and courage to keep at it’ says Akshit. ‘On days when I couldn’t follow the plan, MSF made me understand that it's ok to take a break once in a while’ he shares.

“The most beautiful part about MSF is that they understand our struggles and help us conquer it”

‘Even if I am working with an online coach, I never felt disconnected. Whenever I needed a change in my diet or workout routine – it was incorporated to the best needs. When I started playing football again, my workout routine was revised to keep up with my activity levels,’ says Akshit. ‘MSF’s ability to understand our difficulties and situations makes it stand out’ he shares.

 Having embraced healthy eating one meal at a time, and correcting his workout postures – Akshit Verma hasn't just been able to address his health concerns or maintain discipline in his food habits, but also healed his injuries and gotten back into playing football. All in SIX MONTHS! For him, fitness isn't about building strong muscles or losing weight alone, it is about being able to take care of our body and fit enough to go for a run, or do things that you want to do. Currently, following MSF Annual Plan, Akshit aims to continue with his journey and get stronger, fitter, and healthier each day.

Does Akshit’s story inspire you? If you too are struggling to break through your unhealthy food habits or health concerns and want guidance to take your journey forward, check out the MSF Transformation Plans. Get a result-driven and custom-made diet and workout plan that doesn’t make you struggle too hard and achieve your health and fitness goals with constant guidance, motivation, and support.