MSF changed my body shape and perception towards Fitness: Pranav Goel, A Certified Fitness Trainer!

Although Pranav is a Certified Fitness Trainer and knew how to take care of his health - he was struggling to shed off the excess fat and achieve a lean body shape. Pranav knew he needed something groundbreaking for a transformation and chose to participate in the MSF Transformation Challenge to push through the edge! Here is how Pranav worked through his fitness and achieved the body shape of his choice!

With goals of achieving a lean body type and shedding off the excess fat on his body, Pranav had been putting his knowledge about fitness to achieve his goals. Being a fitness trainer, Pranav knew how to stay fit and burn calories, but with endless apprehensions and limited knowledge, he somehow struggled with transforming his body into a lean body type.

Shifting from self-knowledge to a guided routine, Pranav has come a long way into transforming his body when the country is undergoing a lockdown. With gyms being shut and limited supply of groceries too, Pranav, under the guidance of Miten, broke through a sedentary lifestyle and achieved his milestone. Pranav says, “I had tried many diets and workout fads. But somehow these didn’t help me shed off the belly fat or boost the muscle mass”


Fitness of a fitness trainer

As a fitness trainer, Pranav had known the science of losing and gaining weight. He exercised 5-6 times a week and maintained his lifestyle to enjoy fitness as a lifestyle. However, his fitness routines didn’t help him achieve the kind of body he desired. Excessive belly fat, chest fat and the low muscle mass were some of the body trivia that he wanted to work on, but was unable to.

“I used to choose workout routines as per my body type but didn’t see any big change. There was something that was lacking. And I didn’t know what!”

As a fitness trainer, Pranav had tried his all and wasn’t finding any credible change to transform his body. Being active on social media, Pranav had been following Miten on Instagram and routinely came across the numerous transformation experiences people had undergone. The pictures were inspiring and the change was believable. Pranav knew he had to give MSF a try!

MSF Transformation Challenge

Having seen so many people transform their bodies and experience the change they needed, Pranav was motivated to undertake the MSF Transformation Challenge. “I was excited about the idea of fitness as a challenge and wanted to learn more aspects of fitness,” says Pranav.

“MSF’s Instagram posts made me believe that no matter the body type, no matter the health or fitness – if one worked for it – nothing was unachievable.”

I joined MSF Transformation Challenge with ideas of working on my body. I knew I was about to experience a big change – not just in the way I perceive fitness but also learn a lot about how to work on the body type and transform. The challenge involved a workout routine, dietary changes, and a healthy lifestyle routine, which felt just about right. And with Miten’s routine follow-ups, guidance, tips, and tricks – the journey became easy!

I didn’t know maintaining a diet could be as exciting!

I had always been conscious of working on my diet for fitness, says Pranav. My diet included oatmeals, fruits, veggies, and all the healthy edibles from my earlier dietary experiences. With my college routine, I used to maintain my diet and cheat days flawlessly. But, when I took up the MSF Transformation Challenge, Miten made me look into the finer aspects of eating right, he says.

“High on fiber, interesting and yummy – MSF Diet revolved around my taste and food preferences making me feel full throughout the day. It was a major confidence booster”

Pranav enjoyed the diet plan that came his way in this transformation journey. He says that he learned how simple ingredients could transform his body shape in such a short period. “While I was enjoying eating the varied meals throughout the day, I saw myself change in the mirror too”, says Pranav.

“I used to carry my Dabba with me everywhere I went,” Pranav said. Even to dine-outs and birthday celebrations with my friends, I used to carry my diet food with me and binge on the same while I celebrated, Pranav recalls. It was the belief in the diet plan and dedication that helped me look at the change I needed, says Pranav.

When time gets tough, the tough get going…

With the oncoming of the global pandemic in India, the Government of India announced a countrywide lockdown thereby restraining activities, travel, gyms, etc. Procuring vegetables and fruits from the market got a little tough too. Thereby affecting the diet plan and workout routine that Pranav had been undertaking.

Pranav says, after a few days of lockdown, he asked Miten to stop the diet plan for a few days as it was not possible to get all the ingredients at home during this time. Giving him a break from the transformation journey for a week, Miten designed Pranav’s home workout and diet plan to suit the situation.

“As the lockdown started, Miten altered the diet around the essentials and ensured that maintaining the diet wasn’t difficult during these times.”

Overcoming the hurdle and taking fitness ahead!

Week after week, Pranav maintained his diet and worked out as per Miten’s workout plans.

“Miten gave insights on the workout postures, repetitions, and impact of it to help me make the most of the routine. I wasn’t just exercising as per the directions, but also learning how these exercises worked on my body. It was an eye-opener!”

While the lockdown days were really difficult, Miten made it easy for Pranav with his adaptable diet plan and Home workout routine. Pranav says,

“I didn’t know working out at home could be as fun and effective! I lost about 10kgs, gained muscle mass, and attained a lean body shape – The goals I had dreamt of!” 

Taking the lead ahead

Pranav says, “I have learned a lot about my body and fitness from MSF Transformation Challenge while changing into the body type I always desired.” The journey has helped me believe in the power of dedication.

“Having completed the MSF Transformation Challenge successfully, I am dedicated to adapt to Workout routines that Miten shares through his Youtube Channel and keep following the diets he asked me to.” Says Pranav.

Pranav is happy and motivated with the fitness goal he has achieved. Inculcating knowledge and dedication, he has transformed his body in just 8 weeks and inspires a lot many people to do it too.

Like a guiding light to a certified fitness trainer, MSF Transformation Challenge has helped Pranav change his body shape and attain his fitness goals. His perception of fitness and workout routines have changed to the ones that suit his body type. If you too are desirous of experiencing the change, make the move now!

Don’t make the COVID19 lockdown an excuse, but a time to achieve your fitness goals! Sign up for MSF Transformation Plan now and get set for a fit and healthy life!