If you don’t put in enough efforts, you will never see results: Ishan Kenia

From following diets off the internet to being a regular at the gym, Ishan Kenia, a Senior Analyst working in Pune, found himself struggling to lose weight. While a sedentary lifestyle and hectic work life took much of his time, the made-for-all diet plans didn’t bring about sustainable results for Ishan prior to joining MSF. With covid-led lockdown bringing in ample time and dedication, Ishan signed up for MSF Transformation Plan and lost 9 kgs in just 3 months. Here’s his story!

Hectic work life and a sedentary lifestyle are two major reasons contributing to obesity today. Almost all of us struggle to find the time and space to follow a nutritionally balanced diet and workout routine that aligns with our fitness goals. Especially when we have to figure it out on our own.

Ishan Kenia, a senior analyst working in Pune, found himself amid challenges as he attended the gym regularly and followed multiple diets while struggling to see credible results. The made-for-all diet plans from dieticians didn’t suit his lifestyle and he found himself falling off the fitness track. He knew he needed something custom-made and suiting to his lifestyle. 

MSF brought about the big change!

‘I had been a moderate gym goer working out twice or thrice a week with no dedicated diet. I did not know about the protein content, calories, etc that would help me yield results better’ says Ishan. ‘I did follow a few weight-loss diets off the internet, but these didn’t suit my food preferences and lifestyle. I always ended up gaining the weight lost with these diets’ he shares.

‘I have never been able to follow a diet plan for such a long time. With MSF, the major change was that the diet plan was sustainable and I never felt hungry’ 

‘Miten came as the perfect fitness coach for me because it suited my budget, provided a custom-made diet and workout plan that works for me, and kept me accountable throughout the process’ says Ishan. 

‘Unlike other dietary plans where I couldn’t even eat one bite off the chart, MSF meal plans had the option to exclude the food items I didn’t like and switch the meals that I didn’t want to eat. It fit perfectly!’ he shares. 

MSF helped me control my alcohol intake and changed my eating habits! 

‘Because of my flexible work timings, I never had a set routine for meals, workouts, etc. I have been a heavy drinker on weekends and tend to enjoy food as per my food cravings at all times before MSF’ says Ishan. ‘I have never kept track of my food or drinking habits as much as I have done after taking up the MSF Transformation Plan. MSF helped me learn the pros and cons of drinking alcohol, and before I knew it, I had reduced alcohol consumption considerably,’ he shares.

‘Adapting to eating homemade and healthy food that is suited to my weight loss goals has been a 360-degree shift for me’ he shares.

“In the beginning, I thought I would have to starve myself to lose weight. But with MSF meal plans I was always eating something healthy that kept me full throughout the day”

‘My wife complimented me that in our 6 years of marriage I have never eaten home food this much as I have been eating in the past 6 months.’ says Ishaan. ‘‘I have been enjoying the program so much that even on cheat days I like to monitor what I eat, keep a tab on calorie intake and regularize my habits to achieve my fitness goals’ he shares.

‘MSF meal plans have so much variety that I am always interested in keeping up with the diet. It's homecooked, healthy, and delicious at the same time’ 

Building up a lifestyle around fitness! 

‘In the beginning, workouts were a little challenging for me as I wasn’t habituated to working out from home. Moreover, my work timings never let me have a fixed schedule for workouts. I have always and still struggle with finding time for a workout’ says Ishan. ‘But MSF designed a custom-made workout routine that I can do from anywhere and at any time. So it has been easy to keep up with the dedication,’ he shares.

“With MSF App I got to see the workout form, and style right before doing it so I knew there was no way of going wrong with the workouts. The tutorial guides helped me learn a lot of exercises.”

‘Even when working out with a chair, dumbbells, or resistance bands, MSF workout routines have so much variety that keeps the workout challenging and interesting’ says Ishan. ‘I didn’t just learn workouts that helped me get stronger but also am learning to get regular at it’

The Big Change

‘Earlier I used to be a little lethargic and mostly had a sedentary lifestyle. I mostly worked or chilled’ says Ishan. ‘But after following the MSF meal plans and workout routines for a few months now, I have found energy and activeness in my life’ he shares.

‘MSF has brought about a sense of discipline, activeness, and healthy eating habit in my life’ he shares.

“Today, I am a more active person. I contribute to household work equally and cook meals with my wife. MSF has helped me renew my energy levels and achieve more in life”

Having lost about 9 kgs in just 3 months, Ishan Kenia is on a long-term fitness journey with MSF. He believes that it is only when you put in efforts that you reap results. If you don’t get up, if you don’t workout, your body will not show the change you are wanting to see. For him, the MSF Transformation Plan has changed his perspective towards health and fitness and he aims to keep achieving small goals daily to attain his fitness goals in the long run.

Feel inspired? If you too follow unhealthy eating patterns or a sedentary lifestyle and want guidance to take your journey forward then check out the MSF Transformational Plans. With a result-driven and custom-made diet and workout plan that doesn’t make you struggle too hard, MSF aims to make you achieve your health and fitness goals with constant guidance, motivation, and support.