I want to become the best version of myself: Suyog Mahajan

Having practiced eating healthy and working out in gyms, Suyog Mahajan always found something lacking in his practices that didn’t give me the result he was looking for. Being inspired by MSF’s take on health and fitness, Suyog pushed himself to follow a dedicated diet and workout plan during the lockdown. In the initial month itself, the positive changes brought him a big change. And there began his journey of constantly learning and adapting to fitness!

 A young and aspiring Fitness Trainer navigating his career journey in Pune, Suyog Mahajan has always struggled in attaining that perfect physique. In his zest to get results, he had followed a lot of diets and been a regular at the gym. But sometimes, we never know where we are lacking. MSF’s Diet and Workout plan helped Suyog to learn and adapt to healthy ideas and fitness routines which didn’t just help him attain a toned physique but also helped him become more disciplined and focused in his career.

 How it all began...

 ‘During my Certification training for Personal trainer, I met a lot of fitness coaches and trainers – all with unique ideas and approach to fitness. But most of them felt like a Business Model’ says Suyog. ‘I found MSF to be more Real and Genuine in terms of their approach and clarity’ he shares.

‘MSF Instagram Account was REAL and Inspiring. Apart from attaining a good physique, the idea was also to learn from them’

 ‘I used to follow @mitenkakaiya’s Instagram account, and during his Live Sessions of Q&As when people used to ask him questions, he would answer in detail and complete guidance. There is no doubt that he has immense knowledge’ says Suyog. ‘I thought it would be a good idea to train under him. Apart from body toning experience, I will get to learn a lot’ he says.

 A slow but mindful journey…

 ‘I did not jump into the program at a go. I started with a 1-month program and after I saw the results coming, I signed up for a 12-Week transformation plan. And then again a 1-month program’ says Suyog. `For me, the trust factor mattered the most. Starting small helped me learn things slowly’ he shares.

“MSF’s diet plan helped me navigate through a diet and workout that worked for me”

 “Earlier I was following diets but never knew if they were good or not. Carb consumption was high and I used to consume alcohol almost 2-3 days a week’ says Suyog. ‘With the MSF Diet plan and workout plan, I started seeing results from the first month itself. My dietary habits started changing’ he shares.

 My Workout Routine

 ‘I have been working out for a long time in my life. But those workouts always felt like an effort and I never used to sweat so much’ says Suyog. ‘But with MSF, I think I started from scratch. The workouts were easy and effective in the beginning. The workout intensity was progressive. It was a constant process of challenge and growth’ he shares.

‘MSF’s workouts are really challenging and interesting. The pump I got after the workout session was totally worth all the efforts’

 ‘The workout routine kept me on the edge. I used to sweat, push myself, and even saw my body shape change slowly’ says Suyog. ‘The most important part was the instant change in my body, which always made me click pictures of myself at the end of the workout’ he says.

 I was constantly learning and adapting to new things...

 ‘Before I joined MSF, my diet usually consisted of a lot of junk food, alcohol, etc where I didn’t know much about food except for Protein and Carbs’ says Suyog. ‘Joining MSF, gave me a sense of change in my diet and daily habits. I started learning about macronutrients, eating habits, health, etc, and even started controlling my alcohol consumption’ he shares.

“With MSF I have been able to get into the habit of following a daily routine, and building a healthy lifestyle”

 ‘I used to believe that meat and fish are the only protein-rich food and never thought that any other food could give me the right protein balance for the body’ says Suyog. ‘MSF’s nutrition plan taught me how even a vegetarian diet consists of so many sources of protein’ he shares.

 Happy things are happening in my life…


‘Ever since I started following MSF’s Diet and Workout Plan, I have garnered a strong change in my mindset. I have experienced a lifestyle change. I feel motivated. I feel energetic throughout the day.’ Says Suyog. ‘I see myself changing into a person I never was. And above all, I know I am growing not just in my physical goals, but other areas of life as well’ he shares.

“It's not just the physical goals, but MSF helped me with great skin, good hair, better digestive system, and a whole lot of mental and emotional changes too.”

 ‘Following the plan dedicatedly for so long, I know I have become more Disciplined and Determined towards all of my goals’ says Suyog. ‘The energy and positivity have helped me to be confident about myself, focus on my career, and strive harder for it’ he shares.

“A lot of happy things are happening in my life – not just physically, but in my career, thought process, positivity, and more.”

 Having accomplished a good body physique, Suyog Mahajan is today a Certified Fitness Trainer, Model and preparing for Aviation (Cabin Crew) and believes that he is not going to stop until he attains all his life goals. He believes that fitness is not just about strength and body shape, but also about feeling energetic and positive about everything we do. 

 Does Suyog’s story inspire you? If you too are struggling to attain your fitness goals despite working hard on them or finding it tough to navigate through defined food habits, check out the MSF Transformation Plans. With dedicated guidance, motivation and support, we help you work hard and achieve your health and fitness goals with our result-driven and custom-made diet and workout plans! Let’s begin your fitness journey now!