I lost weight while hopping on and off the flights: Prerak Sheth

52-weeks, 55-pounds, 100 flights, and a nutritionally balanced fitness lifestyle: Prerak Sheth

Fitness is profusely misunderstood. It is always put through a lot of myths, trivia, misconceptions, and confusion. And, then comes an inspiring story that breaks through the stigmas and gives you a true account of how easy and basic fitness can be. Prerak Sheth, a consultant by profession, residing in the city of Washington DC, USA, has been exquisitely achieving his fitness goals one step at a time, managing his pro-travel lifestyle.

Having earnest knowledge in health & nutrition and engaged in fitness for years now, Prerak had insights into fitness but wasn’t able to achieve his fitness goals by himself. Being a Vegetarian residing in the US, and an extensive busy and pro-travel lifestyle, Prerak was on a lookout for someone who could add as a support system to his fitness and help him maintain a vegetarian diet too. With expectations to find the perfect trainer who would add value to his existing knowledge, Prerak explored alternatives and landed on Miten Says Fitness’s Instagram page. He was smitten by the ideas of fitness that Miten shared and believed that his journey would only go forward from here.

Weighing about 232 pounds, Prerak had goals of weight loss and wanted to shape up his physique too, and so he approached MSF, and instead of a short term or weekly plans – he opted for an MSF Annual Plan. “I usually do excellent in the beginning and lose track of things in days later. So a long term plan was something that I was planning for!” says Prerak.

Weight loss in a pro-travel lifestyle

“In the past 52-weeks, I have hopped on more than a hundred flights and traveled across more than 70 cities. I still wonder how could I lose so much while traveling,” says Prerak. He shares that MSF fit into my fitness and nutritional ideas and made this process a swift one. He ideated on trusting my instincts to maintain my protein-needs and eating low-carb diet across locations while working out effectively and regularly.

“Maintaining a vegetarian diet during travel meant carrying nuts, oats,  and protein powder while selecting salads, paneer, tofu, lentils, etc from the restaurant menus”

“When I was traveling to a major city in America, I would order something from a local store and mix up ingredients like chickpeas, paneer, etc with salads to eat. Other times when the locations didn’t support vegetarian food, I would find some Vegan stores, or order Salads from the Hotel room to eat. I used to throw away the gravies of dishes, and eat only the good things i.e. chickpeas, paneer, etc” says Prerak.

The Wedding!

Prerak got married in December 2019, a good 6 months into the 52-week Transformation Plan, and was showered with compliments on his achievements. Although he took a 50-day break from the plan for the marriage planning and events, he was keeping an eye on his calorie intake throughout.

“I tried to follow the diet as much as possible. I was trying to eat the calories that I was supposed to eat. Even if I wasn’t able to maintain my diet, I would count calories throughout. On the marriage event days, I would know that I would have to eat with the guests in the evening, so I would skip my meals in the morning and balance my calories that way.” says Prerak.

Transforming to a conscious eater

Prerak says that he was a foodie but the awareness of fitness has changed his choices now. “After following through a healthy diet and chasing my way through weight loss, I have become conscious of what I eat. There are things that I don’t feel like eating anymore. I used to love Cheese Burst Pizza but the last time I was in India, I couldn’t eat it more than a slice” shares Prerak.

“My choices have changed from blind carbs to nutritional food. It’s more about clean eating than empty food.”

“Pizzas are forever, But that unnecessary hogging has gone away. I would prefer a much healthier version of pizza on my cheat days,” says Prerak.

“I was always aware of my food choices when traveling, and made sure I worked out every day”

Workouts, Lockdowns, and a healthy lifestyle!

After a lifestyle of active traveling for over a year, the lockdown came as a time of respite and rest for Prerak. And the struggles of maintaining the weight loss journey during these times felt easier than it was when traveling. So when it came to maintaining calorie intake, or physical exercises, he could do it better than other times. 

From picking ingredients, clean eating to at-home exercises, practicing a healthy lifestyle was way easier during the lockdown.

Fitness is a Mind Game!

There are always weak days. There are times when we fall into the temptation of food, laziness, and other things. But Prerak believes that “Fitness is a Mind Game and it’s the change in thoughts and motivation that helps us save from the temptation.” Prerak says,

“If your goal is more important than the temptation, than your mind has just to play the game and stay strong”

“I wasn’t 100% compliant to the program. There were days when I would cheat when I wasn’t supposed to. But, I always make up for the cheat days and put in that extra effort to balance it. Whenever I would feel derailed, I would somehow compensate for it” shares Prerak.

A 52-week long fulfilling journey...

From struggling through his meals and workouts in the initial days to devising his diet around his lifestyle and maintaining discipline, Prerak has evolved in this 52-weeks of his Transformation journey. “I have enhanced my knowledge of nutrition and workouts. Miten didn’t just give diets but also answered my questions and made me understand the science behind it. “

“It wasn’t just the weight loss goals, I also learned a lot on fitness, health, and nutrition”

It just takes some discipline, knowledge, and trust in the process to transform your body. And, it’s a regular journey, not an end-goal. You keep evolving, you keep motivating yourself, and you keep achieving, shares Prerak.

Losing over 55 pounds in over a year, while traveling, getting married, and gaining unlimited knowledge – Prerak has been able to break through his weight loss stigmas and come out fit and healthy. If you are inspired and ready to dive into this journey, then join our hands and sign up for the MSF Transformation Plans. Let’s get you transformed. A new you is waiting for you!