I lost 11kgs in 8 weeks, and MSF Diet is to Thank For!: Rohit Varma

“My perception of fitness had changed in just a few days. From a workout-focused approach to learning about healthy diets, Miten helped me lose weight logically. MSF Transformation Challenge is a journey I undertook to lose weight but came out strong, motivated, and happy!”

Struggling with his busy routine as a college student and managing his obesity, Rohit Varma had been wanting to lose weight for a long time. From living in a constant struggle of weight loss to finding an apt method to reach his goals, Rohit took up the MSF Transformation Challenge and transformed not just his weight but also his perception towards fitness. Here’s how Rohit adapted himself to fitness!

How it all started...

Having a lifestyle revolving around a diet of junk food, college schedule, and a shop to attend, Rohit Varma had always struggled with time to dedicate to fitness. Although gym memberships were taken and a few sessions were attended now and then, Rohit would always return to his regular life and weight in due time. It was difficult to perceive the fitness journey as a student.

“I joined gyms a few times and lost a few kilos. But eventually, college exams and routines would take away my time and the lost weight would return too. I was looking for something more long-lasting and beneficial.” 

The MSF Transformation Challenge


“During the 3rd year of my college, I came across Miten Says Fitness’s Instagram handle and was motivated to see so many people transforming their bodies through Miten’s guidance,” says Rohit. Of course, there were doubts if an online plan would work for me especially when my parents didn’t completely agree to the idea. But then the real-life stories were so inspiring I couldn’t hold back.

“I stalked MSF Instagram for 4-5 months and every story shared by Miten made my belief stronger. I knew I had to give MSF Transformation Challenge a try”

MSF Transformation Challenge seemed like a legit step towards fitness. “It was around my birthday and the last day to sign up for the challenge, I couldn’t resist but to take up the challenge. I informed my parents only after I took up the challenge for myself” shares Rohit. The challenge commenced with initial workouts and a whole re-designing of my diet.

MSF Transformation Diet

“In the initial days, I used to like dietary changes, workouts, etc. But then after a few weeks, the diet got tougher and I used to struggle with eating too much. Yes, indeed the food was too much for my diet and I had to ask Miten to decrease the portions. Miten then changed my diet according to my choices and helped me cope up with the food.”

Rohit had always put his attention to workout as a means to fitness, little had he known that dietary changes mattered much more than fitness. “Miten helped me understand the role of a diet in fitness. While I had always been on and off gym schedules and only focused on workouts for reducing weight I would always struggle to keep up with the lost weight and maintain it. Miten helped me understand how diet is a major player in helping me lose weight.

He replaced unhealthy food with healthy choices. I am a vegetarian and preferred homemade food, he kept that in mind and customized my diet as per my lifestyle. His efforts made me put in extra efforts from my end too.” emphasizes Rohit.

Challenges of the challenge


“So I was given a healthy bowl of smoothie to begin my day. As I wasn’t a breakfast person, I used to usually skip the smoothie and opt for just a glass of milk. I wouldn’t say I followed the workout routine full-fledged either, but the regularization of diet in itself was so life-altering I couldn’t believe I was losing weight with just that.

“I used to love the diet. I used to in fact carry my lunch box and share it with my friends too, who loved what I used to eat for my diet“

The workout was one of the biggest challenges in my challenge as I didn’t have enough time for it. I joined a gym and started working out but my busy schedule took a toll over it and I skipped sessions. Miten made me shift to at-home workout routines which offered me ample time to adapt to the exercises while balancing my college routine. Although I missed them too often, it somehow improved my stamina, strength and activity levels. 

“MSF diet didn’t just help me shed kilos off my body, but also gave me clearer skin, better digestive system, and sound sleep. I used to wake up fresh and happy in the morning. I started feeling good about myself”

Winning the MSF Transformation Challenge

With the efforts, I had put in and the updates I had been receiving from MSF, I had a faint idea that my efforts would fetch me a win. Miten had shared some stories on how people had been transforming their health and fitness through the challenge. Seeing the drastic changes I had undergone and the achievements I had made in the past 7 weeks, I somehow had a fair idea that I am definitely going to make it.

“My college results were due. And I was in my shop working. I knew that MSF results will be out soon. When I saw that I had secured a second position, I was overwhelmed with joy! I shared the news with my father who was proud of my efforts and blessed me.”

Thereafter, Rohit went on to his family and friends to share the news and was delighted to find that a lot of them were interested and signed up for the plan.

Winning INR 15000 as the prize money


I won INR 15000 cash, a T-shirt from Feltin Clothing and a goodie bag from MyProtein as the Second Winner of the MSF Transformation Challenge. I knew I had to make my sister sign up for the plan. And so I booked a plan for my sister with the prize money and took the rest in cash.

“The MSF Transformation Challenge is a double winner! You learn the path to be fit and get rewarded for it too. I don’t think losing weight can be more motivational than this!” 

“Winning the challenge proved to be a confidence booster! I learned that I don’t have to live overweight and that I dared to work on my body and transform it” says Rohit. 

A fitter-life forward

“I have focused on maintaining my diet ever since the challenge. Soon my college will be over and I will be joining MSF for my Fitness journey forward”

Post the challenge, Rohit has been focusing on maintaining his body weight and learning the finer art of maintaining his diet. He takes care of his diet based on MSF’s guidance and shares his fitness ideas with his close ones to encourage them too. 

“When I joined MSF Transformation Challenge, I didn’t have too many privileges like today. The diets were simple and the workouts were customized and taught by Miten through conversations. But I am excited that Miten now has his Youtube Channel where I can get personal guidance from him, watch workout routines and adapt to a fitter lifestyle watching him follow one” says Rohit. 

He has motivated a lot of friends to join the challenge and has inculcated a culture of healthy eating at home too. Rohit is planning to get a customised MSF Transformation Plan for his father too.

Fitting into the routine of a college student MSF Transformation Challenge has helped Rohit escalate his weight loss journey and seek positive results. His perspective towards fitness has changed, and Rohit now believes in not just workouts but diet as an essence of living healthy. Are you ready for a challenge?

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