I have taken fitness for life: Tushar Arora

Hectic work life, sedentary lifestyle, and an unstructured diet – we don’t realize its effects until it becomes too hard to control. From weighing 115 kgs in March 2020 to undertaking a disciplined approach to fitness and losing 33kgs in just 5 months – With MSF Transformation Plan, Tushar Arora has transformed his body and fitness levels during this pandemic. This is his journey!


Almost all of us are habituated to eating the food around us without consciously looking into the nutritional value they provide. Our eating habits, and negligence to daily activities often leave us with excessive weight and unwanted body fat that is hard to lose later. And if you have a sedentary lifestyle due to your work requirements or lockdowns – the journey becomes even more difficult.

And it is with conscious choices that you can bring about a change.

Tushar Arora, a young engineer living in Michigan (US), didn’t have a structured diet or workout routine. As a result, he had gained a lot of weight, which made him conscious of himself and often unable to indulge in a range of activities. As lockdown initiated due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tushar took this as an opportunity to work on his fitness and lose some weight.

Having followed a dedicated diet, workout routine, and taking up running, Tushar Arora has lost almost 33 kgs in just 5 months! From trusting MSF to disciplining himself for fitness and adapting to the changes he came across, this is Tushar’s fitness journey!

Starting my Weight loss journey with MSF

“I never believed in the idea of Online Coaching. But MSF seemed genuine!”

‘I found MSF to be fitting into all my requirements. It had the diet plan customized as per my needs, a workout routine that takes care of my fitness levels, and a genuine coach who understood the struggle and guided with real facts’ says Tushar. ‘It felt like I was on for a good start’ he shares.  

Following a dedicated diet was an eye-opener…

‘Before MSF, I didn’t know about any food rules. I used to eat whatever I wanted to, without restrictions’ says Tushar. ‘I didn’t have any knowledge of the nutritional value or macronutrients of the food. My diet largely consisted of what I liked eating and in quantities that made me full’

“MSF has transformed my unstructured diet into a nutritionally balanced one. And that too with everything from my kitchen. It was like a revelation!”

‘Not only have I learned cooking my food, but also gained knowledge on what to consume, how to consume, and in how much quantity’ says Tushar. ‘I now know my proteins. I know the carbs. And I am consistently learning to plan my food portions according to my body’s daily needs’ he shares.


“I now have a better relationship with Food!”

I saw myself change!

‘As I started following the diet and workout routines with dedication, I started seeing a huge change in myself. And it wasn’t just on the weighing scale’ says Tushar. ‘I am today more conscious of what I eat. I have become more understanding of my workout routines and always monitoring myself on health perspective’ he shares.

“I am now making less excuses and more conscious efforts. With MSF, I have seen multifold changes in my health and fitness.”

‘After taking a break of 4 days, one doesn’t feel good to exercise. But when I took that break, on the 5th day I knew I had to push myself and get myself back on track. I have become more disciplined that way’ shares Tushar.

Starting to run 3 miles everyday…

‘Initially, I just wanted to lose weight. When I started seeing results, I was enjoying it and got motivated to push myself further. So I picked up running’ says Tushar. ‘I started going for walks that soon transformed into running sessions. I loved running even if it was for a few minutes’ he shares.

“Running has helped me elevate fat loss and get a perspective on fitness”

‘I have been going for runs for almost 5 months now. And it has been a very positive experience. I love the influx of energy after a good run’ says Tushar. ‘I am continuing to run almost 3 miles every day. My best record has been 5kms in 23 minutes’ he shares.


Taking running for life…

‘I believe that we can’t keep going to the gym for life. Running is one fitness activity we can do anytime and anywhere in the world’ says Tushar. ‘Even if I feel tired, and gasping for breath, a good run is one of the most enjoyable parts of my day’ he shares.  

“The feeling of exhaustion, after a good run, is one of the most satisfying feelings in the whole day”

‘I realized that at some point in time, I have to become self-disciplined and dedicated to maintaining my diet and workout routine. Running has become one activity that I am sure I will be able to keep up with for maintaining my fitness levels’ says Tushar. ‘I don’t need guidance for running and it gives me a good time to clear my mind. I aim to continue running for life’ he shares.

Having accomplished his weight loss goals in just 5 months, Tushar Arora is on a long-term fitness journey. Currently, he is learning to maintain his achieved goals and working towards building up muscles. He wants to attain a fit and healthy body with defined muscles to get a more sculpted look.

 Does Tushar’s story inspire you? If you too are having an unstructured diet that doesn’t serve your fitness goals or finding it tough to adapt to a healthy lifestyle, checkout the MSF Transformation Plans. With dedicated guidance, motivation, and support, we help you work hard and achieve your health and fitness goals with our result-driven and custom-made diet and workout plans! Let’s begin your fitness journey now!