I have discovered a holistic path to fitness: Nehal Agarwal

Believing in the idea of fitness for life, Nehal Agarwal from Kharagpur was a regular at gyms and followed a strict workout routine. But traditional workout routines from gyms and his food habits never gave him the results he was seeking. Being a vegetarian, he knew he needed expert guidance to find ways to build up muscles and define his physique. Joining the MSF Transformation Plan, Nehal Agarwal didn’t just learn about the vegetarian sources of protein available to him but also worked better on his muscles to build up a better physique. Here is his inspiring journey with MSF! 

 Fitness is not about hitting gyms regularly! It is about understanding the nutritional needs of the body, dedicating time to fitness, and inculcating discipline towards health.

Engrossed in his family business in Kharagpur, Nehal Agarwal always believed in being fit and healthy. But despite being a regular at the gym and working out hard, he didn’t get his desired result. Nehal knew he was doing something wrong and needed some guidance. Inspired by Miten Says Fitness (MSF) on Instagram, Nehal believed that with MSF’s guidance and support he could see a change in his fitness levels. Signing up for a MSF Transformation Plan, he began his MSF journey!


Having restructured his diet and experiencing a huge change in fitness levels, Nehal didn’t just renew his plans but also his aspirations of building up his physique. Here’s his story!

 A path to fitness...

‘I had been gymming for quite a few years now, but wasn’t able to see much progress in my fitness levels, especially the physique’ says Nehal. ‘I lacked the nutritional aspect of fitness and wasn’t able to define my diet as much as my body needed’ he shares.

“MSF has helped me define how much protein-carbs-fat I should eat in a day and what should be my Daily Calorie Intake. Ever since I started the MSF meal plans, I have seen big changes in my health and my physique”


‘During the lockdown, I came across MSF’s Instagram account and their guidance on fitness was so profound that I was motivated to join. The meal plans sorted my nutritional requirements and gave my fitness an added boost’ he shares.

Following a dedicated diet plan!

‘Being a Marwari, I was habituated to following homemade food, but these mostly included deep-fried or high-calorie food’ says Nehal. ‘There was no guidance for the vegetarian sources of protein or nutritional value of the diet I was following’ he shares.

“Everyone told me that because I am a vegetarian, it would take me a lot of time in building up my body due to lack of vegetarian sources of protein. But with MSF Meal Plans, my diet included a lot of vegetarian protein sources from the kitchen backed by healthy recipes to keep my diet interesting”

‘MSF meal plans are so well-designed as per my taste and preferences that I don’t have to think about the nutritional or taste aspect of my diet anymore’ says Nehal. ‘MSF takes care of my daily calorie intake as well as the macro and micronutrients necessary to suit my fitness goals’ shares Nehal.

‘I have realized that MSF meal plans are very much sustainable and easy to follow’

Workouts were challenging, but interesting!

‘I have been into fitness for long now. Being a regular at the gym since 2019, I used to follow the traditional workout routines that gym instructors assign to almost every client’ says Nehal. ‘MSF unlocked next-level fitness for me with a workout routine that is specially designed for me’ he shares.

“Workouts are challenging and focus on every muscle of my body. At the end of workouts, I feel energized and happy!”

‘The MSF workouts are unlike the traditional routines, I feel like I am training to make myself fit’ says Nehal. ‘I always feel that workouts are challenging and target different muscle groups. What I get is a complete body workout to match with my fitness goals’ he shares.

The big change!

‘Earlier I was struggling to see any change in my fitness levels. But with MSF, the change becomes a part of the process’ says Nehal. ‘I have lost only 4 kgs in the last 4 months, but the physical change is tremendous. I am not fitting into my clothes anymore. Even my waist size has reduced from 33 to 30.’ he shares. This is mainly due to Nehal not only losing fat, but also building muscle at the same time! 

‘My clothes fit better. I am more confident about myself. And the biggest change is that I stay energetic all day long.”

‘Following the diet religiously has made me a more disciplined person. Today I am more aware of my fitness quotient and know how to stay put with my goals’ says Nehal. ‘Earlier I used to feel fatigued during the day and would take a nap post-lunch, but now I stay energized all day long’ he shares.

Re-structuring his diet plan and following a dedicated workout routine, Nehal has been able to reduce fat and build muscles for a better physique. He believes that one must give at least one hour of their day to fitness to live a healthy and fit life.

Does Nehal’s story inspire you? If you too aren’t getting desired results from your current workout routine/diet and are looking for a change, check out MSF Transformation Plans. Get a result-driven and custom-made diet and workout plan that doesn’t make you struggle too hard and achieve your health and fitness goals with constant guidance, motivation, and support.