From Fat to Fab - Namaswi Chandrana reclaimed her desired body shape during lockdown!

MSF believes in a healthy and nutritive balance of diet and lifestyle as the foundation for fitness. Namaswi’s story and achievement sum upon our belief, highlighting the importance of health in weight loss. While Namaswi eyed on losing only a few kilos, she overcame the real challenge of attaining a good body shape and toned body structure.


Being just a few kilos over her “optimum” body weight, for Namaswi Chandrana the struggle wasn’t to lose a few kilos off her body, but to gain the optimum proportion of muscle mass. Shedding off weight from her body in the past ended up making her look lean and underweight as she used to lose a lot of muscle mass. However, with MSF, in a span of 4 months, Namaswi hasn’t just lost 8 kgs but also elevated health, and attained body shape that maintains her muscle mass that highlights her body frame fabulously. After all, health and fitness aren’t about being thin, but about feeling fit, happy and confident!

“Every time I started with a diet plan or a workout routine, I would end up looking underweight. I needed something that would keep me healthy and give me a good body shape”

Living in New York City and dwelling in a lifestyle bound by a busy daily routine, Namaswi had been struggling to attain her desired weight. The goal wasn’t just to lose a few kilos off her body, but also a challenge to attain a proper body shape that made her flaunt her clothes.

Namaswi joined MSF as a reference from her sister-in-law, who has been a fitness aficionado and following a healthy lifestyle herself for years now. Having experienced a healthy fitness journey with MSF herself, Namaswi’s sister-in-law advised her to try MSF Diet and Workout Plans for the change she was looking for. Namaswi knew she had to give MSF a try! She signed up for the MSF 12 Week Transformation Plan instantly.

“I trusted my Bhabhi for her health and fitness experiences. And MSF proved to be worth the experience I had been wanting”

Unveiling secrets of a healthy diet plan

‘As I joined MSF, I was given a diet plan and a workout regime to follow. I was pleased to know that these weren’t too strict and promised a worthy change too’ she says. While Namaswi loved bingeing on some junk food every now and then, the diet gave a healthy twist to cut off the extra calories and treat the taste buds too.

“I didn’t eat dry fruits before MSF. And they were a part of my diet! I realized how dry fruits can be filling and lend me the energy and strength my body needed. ‘I maintained a good diet with smoothies, oatmeals, etc. before MSF, but the inclusion of fruits, vegetables, etc and dry fruits were the real game-changers” says Namaswi. 

While she enjoyed following the diet diligently for 6 days, she would keep one cheat day every week to balance her love for junk food.  

Watching her body shape change

In the past, every time Namaswi tried to lose weight with calorie control and workouts, she would end up looking lean and unfit. And this was one of the breakdown points of her fitness journey. But with a nutritious and balanced diet, and workout, that revolved around her body structure with MSF, she was able to see the body shape change – just the way she wanted.

“I was surprised to see the meter drop every week while finding my mirror portraying the physique I wanted. I was more than overwhelmed”

‘With MSF I realized that weight loss isn’t just about looking leaner but reclaiming the confidence that I wanted. I was looking at a more toned and defined body structure,” says Namaswi. The entire journey revealed to me how we can regulate diet and work on our problem areas.

Lockdown intensified my workout routines

“I was a regular at the gym. The workouts had been great before the pandemic stroked and the lockdown measures were undertaken. The shutting down of gyms, however, didn’t become a concern. The MSF workouts were customized to suit the lockdown lifestyle and were easy to do at home.” Shares Namaswi.

“As the world went into lockdown, MSF came in handy with personalised plans and easy to follow workout routines making fitness as an easy advent”

"I received customized diet plans and workouts that suited this unprecedented time” shares Namaswi.

“Diet during the lockdown revolved around basic ingredients and at-home workout routines, making it really easy to stick to the fitness routine”.

Although the first few days were difficult, MSF soon personalized her diets and she enjoyed maintaining her fitness lifestyle with a lockdown friendly diet and at-home workouts.  

Namaswi attributes the success of her changed body shape and fitness ideas to the customizations that MSF designed to make her fitness journey a smooth process.

From struggling to tone her body, to revelations of a healthy diet and watching her body shape into a defined frame – Namaswi has come a long way in her fitness journey. 

Namaswi Believes that hardship is only in beginning the journey, thereby, the constant efforts and achievements form a vicious circle, keeping you motivated and strong. 

Indeed, fitness is a journey that takes time and conscious efforts.

MSF takes pride in having Namaswi on board and congratulates her on her undeterred will and efforts (even during the lockdown) for following through her fitness journey and seeing such incredible results.

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