Fitness is more than what meets the eye!: Shailee Panchal

Busy mother-of-two and her fitness goals: The weight loss Story of Shailee Pancha 

A mother of two kids under the age of 5, a Full-time Job, and a dedication to getting back into shape, Shailee Panchal has turned around her life adding fitness bit-by-bit. Right from prepping up food for the kids, running to work, and juggling to keep up with her kids’ activities, Shailee’s daily routine had no space for any extra effort. And despite trying a lot of weight loss methods, she never saw a credible change come in. She knew she wanted something that revolves around her schedule and gives her a mindful journey. As she joined MSF 12-week Transformation Plan, she discovered weight loss is an everyday routine too!


Fitness is a routine! It is in the daily effort that we take to nourish our body and take care of it. And while we all juggle with a lot of things in our lives, sometimes finding time for your health and fitness can be difficult. Or so it was for Shailee. This is when she took a step ahead and reclaimed her health goals.  

A clinical research oncologist based in California, and a mother of two, Shailee Panchal struggled to make time and effort for her weight loss goals. With daily routine packed around work and parenting, she always found workouts and diet plans to be an extra effort. As she joined the 12 week MSF Transformation Plan she made conscious efforts to inculcate a nutritionally balanced diet and workout routine to her schedule. And before she knew, she was able to lose 18 kgs in just 10 months.


I was skeptical in the beginning…

‘The online world is filled with all sorts of information! There are online trainers, nutritionists, etc but somehow I was always skeptical about picking up one for myself. They seemed too good to be real’ says Shailee. ‘But when I saw Miten Says Fitness (MSF) it seemed different!’ She shares.

“I saw different people with different fitness goals achieve great results. It wasn’t just about weight loss. It was the idea of fitness that made me choose MSF!”

‘I had a hard time going through different other programs. Most of the US diet plans took me to Western Food Culture. I needed something that is more Indian, customized to my taste and everyday routine. MSF seamlessly fits into the requirement and that’s where the trust came in’ shares Shailee.

How I inculcated fitness into my routine

‘Being a mother of two with a full-time job, I didn’t have any extra minutes to spare for anything random. I carefully planned my day! Adjusting to schedules was hard for me’ says Shailee. But my MSF diet plan and workout routines were customized according to my weight, fitness goals, schedule, and even what I had in my kitchen.

“Having something customized to your need is a game-changer!”

‘I didn’t have to make any extra effort’ says Shailee. ‘With the MSF Diet Plan, the food revolved pretty much around what I cooked daily or what I had in my kitchen. I never had to go for extra grocery shopping or picking up ingredients that I never ate’ she says.   

Parenting, workload, and workouts...

I didn’t have strength in my body. I had delivered 2 babies in 5 years so even the simple things usually made me lose out on strength’ says Shailee. ‘Living in the US and working on the European timezone, my work and personal life were difficult to balance. And so inculcating workouts in between the daily juggles was the hardest part. Sometimes when I had to take only 60 seconds of break I would end up taking 10 minutes.’

“Post-Pregnancy my body lacked the strength to pull up workout routines. But MSF matched my requirements by bringing in modified versions of workouts to suit my body and build up strength”

‘It was a little hard to keep up with the exercises, but these were made so customized around my body requirements that slowly I started gaining pace’ says Shailee. ‘Now I can do modified versions of push-ups and pull-ups and the workouts don’t seem like an effort. In fact, with kids around, I can set an example for them and include them when I am working out. It's fun!’ shares Shailee.

What have I achieved?

I hadn’t thought that something I found online would transform my idea about fitness. Having tried too many things and having struggled with my weight for so long, seeing a change becomes important.’ Says Shailee. ‘MSF gave me the biggest boost in my confidence and mental strength. I now believe that if I can lose 18kgs in 10 months, things are only going to get better from here

“A month ago I ticked off my unwritten goal of fitting into my wedding dress, something I had worn only 10 years ago”

‘I have reached a point where I am very much positive about my fitness goals.’ Says Shailee. ‘ being able to perform pull-ups and push-ups have been a forever goal. And I know with consistent efforts and MSF’s guidance I will be able to achieve that soon too.’ She says. 

What is fitness for a Working mom?

‘Fitness for a working mom is both - Important and Difficult! I started at my heaviest i.e. 199-201 pounds and today weight about 160-163 pounds. It definitely feels a lot lighter, happier, and pleasant for me.’ says Shailee

“Having lost so much weight and being able to do something for yourself is a positive experience for every working mom”’

‘Fitness and body strength has only made me better at all the things that I do. With of course a pinch of happiness’ says Shailee. ‘As I move to my 40s, I aim to be able to create a balance between what is good and bad for me’ she says.

 Embracing conscious healthy changes to her diet in an otherwise busy schedule and making every workout count, Shailee Panchal is definitely a super-mom standing out with not just her work life and parenting skills but also bringing out the best version of herself! She has transformed her diet and lifestyle to a healthier and fitter one - citing an example for her kids and working moms alike.

 If you too are looking to change your fitness quotient or struggling to attain fitness in a busy lifestyle, it's time to break the inhibitions and just begin! Join MSF Transformation Plans now and re-build your confidence!