Fitness is a State of Mind: Rahul Korgaokar

Often in our fitness journey, we come across a time when going beyond a limit becomes impossible. No matter how hard we try and apply all tips and tricks – the result just doesn’t show. And, that is when we require a fitness coach the most. Rahul Korgaokar’s story is about hitting that plateau time and again until he got under MSF’s guidance and finally broke through the loop. 


A people’s person and a fitness enthusiast, Rahul Korgaokar is a 37-year old hotelier who believes in the idea of the right approach. Being surrounded by food and an active lifestyle, Rahul found it difficult to attain his fitness goals despite practicing healthy living for long now. His constant struggle of reaching a plateau got him to pushing his limits and trying MSF Transformation Plan.

Having experienced great results in the first few weeks of his transformation journey itself, Rahul has consciously drafted his fitness journey with MSF!

Hitting the plateau!

‘I had always been a regular at the gym and looking after my diet. But could never go below 87-88 kgs’ says Rahul. ‘I worked hard on my diet and workout, would reach 87 kgs, and then I went careless on diets and my weight would shoot up 5-6kgs again. I was constantly hitting a plateau’

‘As they say, Gym is just 30% and 70% is the rest of the day. I didn’t have guidance for the remaining 70%. And MSF brought me that holistic approach’

‘My wife told me that even after trying so hard on workout and diets I was not going below 87kgs – there’s got to be a reason and that I needed guidance’ says Rahul. ‘I got to know about MSF from one of my friends, and post-lockdown, I took up the MSF 4-week Transformation Plan to see if it works for me’.

 MSF was the change I was looking for...


‘In the initial 2 weeks itself, I started seeing results. And by the end of the 4-week plan I had lost almost 6kgs’ says Rahul. ‘Moreover, the plan was so perfectly designed around my taste palate that I never missed on my cravings’ he shares.

‘I had lost 6kgs in just 4 weeks, this was the fastest I had seen for myself. And that changed my perspective entirely!’

‘It is a perfectly doable program. And it made me realize that little things matter so much’ says Rahul. ‘Apart from the weight loss, I could find out the little things that were making me hit the plateau. I didn’t just overcome my plateau but learned a lot on where I was lacking,’ he shares.

 Workout Routines changed my perspective!

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the workouts and being a morning person, I would do it religiously everyday at 6.30 a.m.’

‘I have been a cardio person all my life. I used to do treadmill & cross-trainers. I was never into weight lifting’ says Rahul. ‘So when I tried weight lifting, I realized the gym trainers have the same schedule designed for all. And over time it fails to give results.’ He shares. 

‘The additional tips that MSF gave me, added that extra 10% that I missing on’

 ‘Earlier when I used to do 10 reps of exercise it was always easy. But now each set of exercises brings that extra burn because MSF taught me how to concentrate on the right muscles’ says Rahul. ‘Now even the strength training, Circuit training, etc feels great and I have started to pair my cardio sessions with weight training perfectly’ he shares.

 Overcoming my weaknesses

‘I have been a sweet tooth all my life. So some piece of dark chocolates, cake or sweet would always be on my indulgence list’ says Rahul. ‘But with MSF I have realized that these small binges like makhanas, peanuts, or dark chocolates (which we consider as negligible) aren't doing any good’ he shares.

‘I have overcome my weakness towards desserts and small binges which I didn’t realize were the reason. I was not getting the desired results’

 ‘MSF’s Diet Plan was designed perfectly for me, that it accommodated everything I like in one plan’ shares Rahul. ‘My cravings for sweets reduced a great deal. And when I would crave for something, there was always a cheat day to take care of that. So it became a perfect program addressing all my concerns’ he shares.

 A more chiseled and confident personality

 ‘As a hotelier, I am always on my foot. As I am constantly dealing with customers and other people – my personality and looks have a lot of impact on their behavior as well’ says Rahul. ‘Now that I look sharp and chiseled, I feel confident of myself when going to talk to people’ he shares.

‘Right now I am wearing a shirt that I bought for myself in 2012. I was not fitting into it earlier, but now I do’

 ‘Being a hotelier, I am required to wear suits at work. All my suits have now gone loose and now I have called for a tailor to get them resized’ says Rahul.

“Having lost weight and attained a chiseled look, I am always at the receiving end of a lot of compliments. And every time I look at the mirror – it makes me happy”

 Getting my wife on board...


‘Having seen me getting such great results in so short a time, my wife too got enthusiastic about the program. And she enrolled for the same plan’ shares Rahul. ‘She is a Vegetarian, I am a non-vegetarian. She does home workouts, I go to gym. So my and her dietary needs, body type, metabolism, etc had been all different and yet we both got amazing results’ he says.

‘My Wife too enrolled for MSF after seeing me achieve such great results. And even though we have different body types, different dietary needs and goals – MSF has fulfilled our goals’

 ‘We both have been following the diet religiously and enjoying the whole process together’ says Rahul. ‘Having achieved great results, we are on to building up a healthy lifestyle. So we both have signed up for MSF Annual Program and are looking forward to the journey ahead’ he shares.

 Having stayed strong on a fitness regime, Rahul Korgaokar has broken through his patterns and attained his fitness goals. He believes that fitness isn't just related to looking good only, as one can anyday take surgical procedures to make their body look good. For him, fitness is a holistic process that involves the mind, emotions, and a complete state of mind. Moreover, he encourages people to put in efforts into fitness as what may feel like a painful or difficult experience in the beginning soon transforms into a fun process that takes care of your health and lifestyle.

 Does Rahul’s story inspire you? If you too are struggling to break through your fitness plateaus or food habits and want guidance to take your journey forward, check out the MSF Transformation Plans. Get a result-driven and custom-made diet and workout plan that doesn’t make you struggle too hard and achieve your health and fitness goals with constant guidance, motivation, and support.