Fitness is 100% diet, 100% workout, and 100% sleep! : Akash Deep

Having followed a fitness aspired life for long now, Akash Deep from Kolkata always believed in the idea of leading a healthy and fit life. Although he followed a health-conscious diet, the absence of nutritional aspects always made him strive for more knowledge and understanding. He thought he needed to customize his diet as per nutritional value and his body requirements. Joining the MSF Transformation Plan, Akash Deep has been able to make healthy changes to his diet and workout routines while learning what works best for him. This is his astounding journey to health & fitness!

Healthy eating and working out aren’t just important to lose weight or build up muscles, it is important for living a healthier and more confident life. Healthy eating builds immunity and makes our body strong from the inside. And no matter how many dietary changes we make, it is important to look at the nutritional requirements as per our body condition, weight, and lifestyle  and stay consistent with them to truly achieve our fitness goals.

With a strong belief in the idea of fitness, Akash Deep, a young professional from Kolkata, had been leading a healthy and fitness aspired life for over 2 years now. Although he ensured healthy eating while balancing his busy work life, he believed that he was missing out on the nutritional elements of his diet and wanted to learn what workout and meal plan works for him the best. With hopes of adapting to nutritional eating and fitness routines that are most suited for his body, he signed up for an 8-Week MSF Transformation Plan.

 In his journey of 8 weeks, Akash Deep has not just made dietary changes but also pushed himself into stronger workouts to attain the results he wanted. 

From healthy eating to nutritional eating, MSF changed my perspective to fitness

‘I have always believed in the holistic idea of health and fitness. As a result, I never took shortcuts or followed any unhealthy measures to build my body’ says Akash Deep. ‘I was following MSF on Instagram for a long time now and was inspired by how he gave importance to naturally maintaining a healthy body and fitness. That pretty much clicked with me’ he shares.

‘MSF meal plans and workout routine have brought about a sense of balance in my life. I am now taking care of my meals, consistent in my workout, and even taking care of my sleep routine

‘I am always hopeful with things that work naturally on you. MSF meal plans and workouts are no shortcuts. They make you work on your core and so it might take time, but the results will show’ says Akash Deep. ‘I realized that it was after the initial 3 weeks that I started seeing results, and it never stopped. Slowly and steadily, the muscle starts building and the fat loss happens. That is when you see results’ he shares. 

My workout journey was the most interesting…

‘I have been a fitness enthusiast and working out regularly for over 2 years now. But MSF’s workout routines were different from what I had done before’ says Akash Deep. ‘The workout routine was challenging, interesting, and constantly pushing me to achieve more strength and stamina’ he shares.

‘MSF’s workout routine is customized as per my fitness goals which helped me see results’

‘I have been constantly learning and doing different styles of workouts. ’ says Akash Deep. ‘Even in a gym, I took up a few competitions and won medals’ he says.

“A lot of people in my gym are inspired by me because the progress that I have seen over the past couple months because of MSF is evident.”

MSF changed my perspective on fitness

‘Over the past 2 years, I have tried to adapt to healthy eating and fitness. As a result, I had self-designed my diet around healthy things’ says Akash Deep. ‘I took up the MSF Transformation Plan to follow a more nutritionally balanced diet that is customized as per my lifestyle and dietary needs. The objective was to learn and adapt’ he shares.

“Even though I was eating healthy earlier, I didn’t know what quantity would work for me. MSF meal plans changed my perspective with the food composition, and quantity of food that needs to go on my plate”

‘With MSF meal plans, I have been eating even healthier than before. Little changes in diet have brought about big results over time’ says Akash Deep. ‘ MSF has changed my perspective on food, as the plan had so many natural sources of protein, healthier version of food and ingredients that I was not considering in my diet earlier’

“Together with nutritionally balanced food, the meal plans are interesting and keeps me satiated every day”

Patience and consistency reap results!

‘I have been eating healthy food for long now. With MSF meal plans my diet turned even healthier’ says Akash Deep. ‘But this change did not reap me results in the initial weeks. And I started contemplating if it is working or not. Your body takes time. It is the patience and consistency in my meal plans that helped me achieve results that I was seeking’ he shares.

“Patience is the most important thing. It is my patience with following the meal plans and consistency in doing workouts that helped me see results in due time”

‘Somehow the meal plans and daily workout routine has helped me build a better body and restructure my lifestyle. Sleep regulation has happened. And that plays an important role in fitness too’ says Akash Deep. ‘I am not a morning person, but I do sleep in time. It is helping me get muscle definition in my body too. I am seeing a holistic change’ he says.

Following a healthy meal plan and challenging workout routine, Akash Deep has redefined his idea of healthy eating and achieving new fitness goals. In his journey ahead he aspires to build a more aesthetically defined physique and define his muscles. He also wants to set an example for others and create awareness of eating healthy and being healthy.

Does Akash Deep’s story inspire you? If you too are confused about what food should go into your plate, what you should eat for a healthy diet, or want to shift to nutritionally balanced eating, check out MSF Transformation Plans. Get a result-driven and custom-made diet and workout plan that doesn’t make you struggle too hard and achieve your health and fitness goals with constant guidance, motivation, and support.