Fitness became an easy advent with MSF Transformation Challenge: Dignesh Virani

“When Miten put up my picture on the web as the Winner, I was still in my class and got an Instagram notification. I jumped with joy when I saw my picture on the page tagged as the winner! As soon as the break bell rang, I called up my brother, who is also my exercise partner, and told him how I was able to lose so much weight and actually got paid for it. My brother too couldn’t believe it at first, but then he knew I had changed!”

From joining gyms to shedding weight and practicing on eating healthy, Surat-based Dignesh Virani had always desired fitness but couldn’t stay put with it for long. He began with the MSF Transformation Challenge and didn’t just lose 17 kgs in just 8 weeks but found a way to maintain fitness in his life. Here’s how Dignesh Virani found his way to fitness!

From where it started...

Being obese from an early age, Dignesh Virani had always fancied having a fit body. From fighting his inhibitions to following several diet plans and visiting gyms on and off – Dignesh Virani found himself lost in a loop of gaining and losing weight. Every time he dedicated himself to fitness and lost some pounds off his body, he would go back to his old weight numbers and feel guilty. Love for junk food, college routine and classes made him miss out on diet plans and workouts constantly.

“Every once in a while I would get highly motivated, join a gym and lose some weight. But once I would lose a few kilos, the craving for food and lethargy ruled me again”

Taking up the Challenge

Dignesh knew he needed a push to attain the level of fitness he wanted. The constant body aches, unhealthy eating, and self-doubts made him frustrated. “I weighed 82kgs and I didn't want to come back to this number again,” he says. This is when he connected with Miten on Instagram and knew that this is something that would help him in the long run. Watching other people attain fitness as a lifestyle, and the 8 weeks challenge to transform his body made him take up the challenge.

“I used to study in Gandhinagar for my college. I traveled back home in June 2019 and was looking for a fitness solution to utilize my summer vacations. I saw Miten’s page on Instagram and was intrigued to see my body transform.”

Dignesh says, “Miten explained to me how lifestyle has a big role to play in fitness and that just blindly gymming won't help. He explained to me the science of fitness and helped me adapt to it”

The MSF Transformation Challenge began with some days of hardship. My diet was regulated and limited to just 6 meals a day. Reducing my dietary intake with conscious food choices, Miten made me plan my meals with the right nutrition in mind. I never knew that simple changes in diet, being conscious about what I eat and what I don't, could bring about a big change in my fitness and stamina.

“I was undergoing a back pain problem during the challenge, and Miten carefully crafted the workouts around my problem to make it suit my physical state. His care and attention made me devoted to the challenge even more.”

When I signed up for the MSF 8 Weeks Transformation Challenge, I knew I was lagging in fitness and that this challenge would strain me. Miten gave me a window of 15 days to warm up my body and adapt to an active lifestyle before I began the challenge. He gave me ideas on how I can control my diets, not feel hungry all the time, and improve on my posture.

“These 8 weeks of Transformation Challenge were fun! Workout routines were interesting, diet matched my taste and surprisingly, the change in the diet didn't leave me starving!”

Food was a big concern...

“Living in Gujarat, food had always been one of my biggest indulgences. My diet was one of the biggest things that kept me unfit and unhealthy. Miten helped me understand how to lose weight with a calorie deficit mechanism. All of it made sense to me.”

Dignesh soon started adapting to the healthy choices Miten gave him. Picking up healthy alternatives for his diet and regulating his meals to 6 meals a day – Miten refined his food habits with health in mind. The biggest challenge was to not feel hungry. And Dignesh realized he never felt starved during the journey.

“I used to eat 20-25 chapatis in a day. And junk foods like Burgers, Dhokla, etc were part of the normal dietary routine. Miten brought about a world of choices at my forefront that wasn’t just HEALTHY but TASTY too. He added Edamame Pasta, Rice, Pav and salads to my diet that kept me full and happy.”

Winning the challenge and prize of INR 25000!

So when the notification popped up on my phone and I checked the picture, I knew my hard work had paid off. That was a moment of pride and satisfaction for me.

“This challenge changed my perspective on fitness. I felt that I found a Friend, Guide and a Motivator in my life”

“When I got my Prize money, I knew I was going to spend it on my fitness goals. The first thing I purchased was MyProtein Whey Supplements. I signed up for MSF 8 Transformation Plan, renewed my gym membership and bought some workout clothes to push my fitness journey further. “

Feeling Fit

The MSF 8 Weeks Transformation Challenge has changed my life for good. It made me understand my mettle and gave me a way out of an unhealthy lifestyle” says Dignesh. Not only did it solve his back pain problems, but he could see a big change in his outlook, body shape, and confidence.

“When I started MSF Transformation Challenge I was only able to walk 10 minutes on the treadmill at a speed of 7-8 max. But now I can run for 10-15 minutes straight at a speed of 15 km/hr”

Ever since the MSF Transformation Challenge, I have never looked back! With each new day, I see myself finding new ways towards my fitness and adapting to it with a happy mind. And for someone who has always lived in an obese body – it was a wave of self-acceptance. Miten has been a ray of hope in my fitness journey!


From being stuck in a constant loop of weight gains and losses, Dignesh made his way into fitness. Are you ready for a challenge?

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