Discipline and sustainability are key to fitness: Sanidhya S Arora


Stuck in a busy and sedentary lifestyle, Sanidhya S Arora, a young advocate, had always struggled to have a fitness plan that stays with him through time. While his work life had taken away a lot of his attention, the COVID19 lockdown allowed him to focus on fitness and sign up for MSF. Building upon his strength and changing his dietary plans, Sanidhya has been able to lose 7 kgs sustainably in just 12 weeks!  

Weight loss is often a critical process where crash diets bring about only short-term results. And as you resume to your old lifestyle, the lost weight eventually returns. The trick here is always about building up a lifestyle around fitness that helps you lose weight for good. This is what Sanidhya S Arora aspired to build when he signed up with Miten Says Fitness (MSF)!

Weighing about 108kgs, while Sanidhya had a goal of losing some weight and building up strength, he wished to do it on a sustainable basis. Small goals, daily efforts, nutritional balance, and discipline had a big role to play. In this short span of just 3 months, Sanidhya has been able to lose a lot of body fat, understand the basics of practicing portion control and bring about a big shift with mindful small changes.


A Sustainable beginning…

‘I found MSF on Instagram! All the transformation stories and the mechanism about bringing about a difference in fitness as a lifestyle inspired me to join MSF. But the real challenge was that if I will be able to do it’ says Sanidhya. ‘I wasn’t looking for a big change to come my way. The idea was to inculcate fitness into my lifestyle and make sustainable changes. And so, I wanted to take it slow and steady’ he shares.

“2-Week plans for diets and workouts gave me the motivation to take small but sustainable steps”

“Everywhere I went, I could find a lot of different plans where the commitment used to be long term. MSF’s short-term workout and dietary plans made me take small steps to begin my weight loss journey at a slow and sustainable pace. I believed I could give it an experimental shot to figure out if it works for me. And it did!’ shares Sanidhya.

The Challenges in Diet

‘For the initial weeks, when I had taken only the workout plans, I was practicing diet control on my own’ says Sanidhya. ‘After a few weeks, when I saw some changes come in, Miten suggested going for a more wholesome approach with a dedicated diet plan customized to my needs. And so after completing 2-week workout-only plans, I began with the 12-Weeks MSF Transformation Plan that included Diet and Workout plans both’ he shares.

“High-Protein, Portion Control and yet filling – the food wasn’t just healthy but tasty too!”

‘Of course, the diet was difficult in the initial days. But with time I could adjust to it and it felt good’ says Sanidhya. ‘And when I saw some credible change come even within the first week of including the diet plan, I knew I could work hard on it and bring about a better change’ he shares.

“My diet consisted of a lot of proteins and the quantities were such that I didn’t feel hungry at all”


Resuming activities after lockdown…

‘The lockdown gave me a good respite from my hectic schedule and lent me time to cook my food, focus on fitness, and more. And now that the unlock measures are being taken, I am skeptical of how far I will be able to go with the diet plan and workout routines’ says Sanidhya.

“As the market is reopening, my Diet and Workout Plans are being modified accordingly.”

‘I am continuing to lay as much attention to my diet and workout plan as possible as of now. And continuing forward, I believe MSF will modify my diet and workout plans according to my lifestyle and activities’ he shares.


What is the plan ahead...


‘As a kid, I was into Martial Arts and Karate, and it was very much about discipline and the daily efforts that go into building up fitness and strength. That idea has stuck with me for everything in life.’ Says Sanidhya.

‘Discipline and Daily efforts go a long way into creating a fit and healthy lifestyle’

‘I am in no hurry! I am dedicated to creating a sustainable routine where I can stick with diet and workout on a daily basis.’ Says Sanidhya. ‘Slowly and steadily, the goal is to achieve small goals that frame the larger picture’ he explains.

Having started his workout and diet plan during the Covid-19 lockdown only, Sanidhya has been able to shift to a fitness routine while cooking his own food. The achievement of small goals has boosted his confidence and brought about a sense of positivity in what lies ahead. As he continues to work towards his fitness goals with utter dedication, he is determined to craft a healthy and fit lifestyle for himself.

If you too are looking to lose weight or want to shift to a healthy and fit lifestyle but somehow stuck in a busy lifestyle, slow but sustainable steps can help you. Join MSF Transformation Plans now and get started with your journey!