Consistency is the key to long-term fitness: Samyak Shah

Having tried different diet plans and workout routines, Samyak Shah struggled to count on something that actually worked for him. Either the diets were too boring or workouts too tough. With MSF, Samyak is going strong on his flat-abs journey with a more sustainable approach to fitness, and diet and workouts tailor-made to his needs and fitness goals. 

One of the biggest challenges of the fitness journey is to design the diet and workout routine that matches your goals. In this aid, we often restrict our food and try to push ourselves through tough workout plans that drain us out. But is this really required? Isn't there a more mindful, peaceful, and sustainable way to achieve fitness goals? Samyak Shah’s story has been pretty much about his hunt for the right fitness plan.

A management consultant by profession, living in Virginia (United States), Samyak Shah had always found himself struggling to find something that syncs with his fitness needs. Having tried varied fitness routines, dietary plans, etc, he had been disappointed with the boring diets that restricted his taste palette and workouts that were either too much or didn’t yield him results enough. With MSF, Samyak has found a respite where he can enjoy his choice of food while exercising through the routine suited for his body.

With the goals of achieving flat abs, Samyak Shah joined MSF 1 month plan to test and understand if MSF works for him. And in the initial month itself, the experience was so positive that he continued for even longer. Today, he is dedicated to making fitness a lifestyle with MSF as his diet and workout coach.

A shift from what I had experienced…
‘I had tried different workout routines and diet plans in the past’ says Samyak. ‘I have been on home prepped subscription meals, diet plans, etc. I was also a member of the Gym where I got a personal trainer working on my fitness for an hour every day. But the trainers didn’t concentrate on my specific body parts or give me any diet tips, it was all about a regular plan fit-for-all’ he shares.

“With MSF, I have a wholesome plan where my workout and diet are tailor-made for my body”

‘Shifting to MSF, I realized that every meal and every workout was dedicated to the specific needs of my body’ says Samyak. ‘The workouts and the meals were not just interesting but really made me believe that they are targeting my trouble areas and working on me’ he shares.

I found something that worked for me...

‘Usually, when we begin ‘dieting’ or following a weight loss/muscle building plan, the diets are restricted and the workouts are too much’ says Samyak. ‘I have tried many diets and in all of them, the concern was that I was always somewhat hungry or bingeing on bland salads’ he shares.

“MSF’s Diet plan was more gradual and suited to my hunger levels, taste preferences, and eating habits. The workouts were challenging enough but never draining me out.”

 ‘In the initial months, I felt like I was eating too much. The food was just the kind I would love to eat and the portions would keep me full all-day-long’ says Samyak. ‘Even the workouts weren’t draining me out but kept me pumped up for the whole day. And when I lost about 2.5-3 kgs in the first month – It all felt like an achievement’ he shares.

Expert guidance works like a charm…

‘For me, the struggle has been about defining the right kind of workouts and diet plan that would work for me’ says Samyak. ‘For almost a year, I had been trying different things and then found that it was not working for me’ he shares.

“With MSF, I no more have to plan my diet myself or choose what workouts are best for me. The planning part is handled by MSF and I just have to work on it”

‘As the planning of Diet and Workout is handled by MSF, it gets easy to work on it and see the results at the right time. I am not stuck with things that don’t work for me’ says Samyak. ‘As I have experts working on my health, fitness, and dietary requirements, I can concentrate on other things. The beauty is that I am not stuck anywhere’ he shares.

A sweet tooth...

‘Being a sweet tooth, one of the biggest challenges for me has been to resist the temptation of eating sugar throughout the week’ says Samyak. ‘I would wait for the cheat days to arrive so that I can binge on something sweet and satiate my cravings’ he shares.

“Controlling my sugar intake was challenging. But MSF designed the plans as such that I never had space for bingeing on sugar-laden food. It helped track fitness faster”

‘When I had cravings for something sweet during the week, I would list it down and keep it for my cheat days’ says Samyak. ‘On cheat days, although I would try to stick to the diet as much as possible, I always found some space for something sweet that would satiate my cravings’ he shares.

The goal of getting flat abs…

‘Losing weight is one thing, and achieving flat abs is another’ says Samyak. ‘Losing that extra fat to define my abs had been a struggle for me for quite some time. And with MSF, I realized that it’s a process that can be achieved when we keep working on it daily’ he shares.

“I have lost a lot of weight, and am currently on the last stage of achieving my flat abs goal.”

‘I have undergone fat loss, and been able to live through an organized food and workout lifestyle for me. But my goals are still a few steps away’ says Samyak. ‘I am sure, I will be able to get Flat Abs soon and achieve my fitness goals. The journey has been beautiful, and I am dedicated to making it the long term’

A positive take on life…

During the lockdown, the change has been so positive, that i have even started going on treks during my cheat days and seeping in positivity multi-fold,’ says Samyak.

“Having an organized diet and workout routine for myself, has made me more organized in things beyond fitness too. I now feel more confident and energetic towards everything that I do”

‘It has been a beautiful journey making me believe that if I set my mind into something, nothing is unachievable’ says Samyak.

“With so many compliments pouring in, boost in energy and confidence - I feel very happy and positive about myself” 

Taking consistency as his armor and building up a routine of following the diet plan and workouts dedicatedly, Samyak Shah has been marching to his dream of flat abs one day at a time. With MSF working for his meal and workout plans, Samyak wants to take his fitness journey further where he can nurture a healthy and more active lifestyle.

Does Samyak’s story inspire you? If you too are struggling through a bland diet or workout routine that makes you drained out or want to opt for fitness as a sustainable journey, check out the MSF Transformation Plans. Get a result-driven and custom-made diet and workout plan that doesn’t make you struggle too hard and achieve your health and fitness goals with constant guidance, motivation and support.