Accountability brings out the best in you: Prithvi Raj

Shifting mindset, approach, and ideas of fitness – Prithvi Raj has slowly built up a lifestyle around optimum eating and ingrained fitness as a lifestyle. 

When was the last time you dedicated yourself to something so whole-heartedly that you happily did it every day of your life?

Indeed, the busy lives we live in and the habits we have built, don’t allow us to commit to something so wholeheartedly. Prithvi’s story is about that 100% dedication and mindfulness that makes us believe that yes we can!

A young entrepreneur into his construction business based in Hyderabad, Prithvi Raj has changed his lifestyle and rebuilt his fitness ideals. Depriving himself of food, Prithvi believed in weight loss as an idea of eating less. And in this process he lost weight too but always ended up with a skinny body. While Prithvi strived for fat loss and building good lean muscle mass, his idea of fitness never gave him a good result. With the MSF 12-Week transformation plan, Prithvi has re-wired his fitness ideas and built a disciplined lifestyle around health.

Taking a leap of faith...

‘I had little trust in the online way of fitness guidance. I believed that a real person with face-to-face contact would be able to guide me better. But, when one of my friends told me about MSF and made me try on their diet for a week, although apprehensive, I gave it a try for experience. That one week became 4-weeks and I could see a lot of change. But, that diet wasn’t for me! And so I knew I had to get my own personalized plan from MSF’ says Prithvi.

“MSF changed my approach to fitness. Food, Workout and the whole idea of accountability through weekly pictures, weight check-ins, etc made me believe that I was on the right track”

‘MSF wasn’t like other online guidance portals. I wasn’t just given a workout routine and diet to follow, but also made to count my weekly progress, share pictures and experiences. I felt accountable and that made me even more dedicated to reaching my goals’ says Prithvi. 

“MSF’s process of being accountable through pictures, weight check, etc - is EXTRAORDINARY” 

Drifting apart 

‘After experiencing MSF diet and workouts for a good 12-weeks in 2017, I was confident that I can garner the energy and dedication to take the new learning forward. But with the absence of accountability, I couldn’t live with the idea for long. One day I would eat something and another day something else, hoping I will practice it from tomorrow,’ says Prithvi.

“Fitness is a continuous process and requires accountability”

‘The non-accountability attitude didn’t work for me. And I gained a lot of weight back’ Prithvi shares. ‘But I learned a lot from the break too. So when I began the plan again, I knew I was ready for it. This time I was dedicated, and ready to put in efforts to build up my body’ shares Prithvi.

How an online-diet plan became a lifestyle...

‘As I began the second part of my fitness journey with MSF in 2018, I made conscious efforts and was able to achieve small goals every week. The process was slow but sustainable!’ shares Prithvi.

“With MSF I have been able to build a whole lifestyle around eating right and working out. It’s fulfilling.”

‘What started off as a doubtful online experience towards fitness, slowly transitioned into the best way for me to maintain fitness and health. I have built up a lifestyle around MSF’s diet and workout and am dedicated to fulfilling my goals with it ahead’ says Prithvi.

The Food Story!

‘Earlier, my diet usually consisted of experiments where I ate less to lose weight. While in 4 weeks I would lose a lot of weight and start to see results, in the 5th week (when I would start to eat as per my old food habits again) I would start gaining again‘, shares Prithvi. ‘It was this pattern that I wanted to break’ he says.

“The food is not difficult. It is all homemade.”

He says ‘I have always believed in the diet as a concept of eating less for weight loss. And my practice of eating less led me to lose weight but left me with a rather lean body. It was with MSF that I realized that optimum eating is very important for shaping the body right. And so when MSF put me on a healthy diet, my habits started to change.’

‘The MSF diet is so simple, easy, and homemade that following it became a cakewalk. I have been able to stick with it and enjoy it at the same time.’ says Prithvi.

“I used to take 4 scoops of protein daily with the idea of gaining muscle mass. But the MSF diet helped me realize there are natural sources of protein that can be enough to build up the right muscle mass, even for vegetarians.”

‘Today, MSF diet is so ingrained in me that no matter where I am or what I do, I don’t binge on anything except on my cheat days. So much so that for my birthday too, I asked my parents to cut the cake on my cheat day’, he laughs.

‘I used to love cake and the indulgence was so sacred that I included cake into my MSF diet as well.’ Prithvi says.

“On my cheat day, I used to order a cake as a weekend trophy for all my hard work. But with MSF, I have been able to cut down on sugar-intake and able to stick to a diet that serves my fitness goals. Maintaining my diet and workout routine has pretty much become my lifestyle now’ 

The journey forward...

I have enrolled my mother for MSF as she has always been undereating. Under MSF's guidance my mother has known optimum eating, maintaining health, and even workout that suits her.

I have enrolled my brother and sister too, who are currently on a weight loss program with MSF.

Having experienced the MSF diet and workout myself for a long time now, I am confident that my whole family can benefit from it and draft a fit and healthy lifestyle. The whole process of discipline, accountability, and small achievements is both fulfilling and credible. And, I aim to continue it for life. I am currently under my second 6-months plan with MSF and it’s a long journey ahead...

Breaking through the old-world ideas of dieting and fitness, Prithvi Raj hasn’t just recreated a healthy and fit lifestyle for himself but also driven his family towards fitness. While his journey took a break in the middle, Prithvi has only learned to build a healthy lifestyle and practice it daily.  

If you are as strongly driven to fitness and want to commit to a routine that really matches your goals – it’s time to join MSF Transformation Plans  and see the change for yourself! Pick-up your Fitness and Diet plan today and let’s begin!