What are the different types of MSF Online Training Programs
  • There are 3 types of MSF Online Training Programs: MSF Diet Plan, MSF Training/Workout Plan and MSF Body Transformation Plan. You can find the details of each of these in the product descriptions in the online store. Each Plan comes in 3 duration options – 4 Weeks, 8 Weeks & 12 Weeks.
Who can join an MSF Online Training Program?
  • Anyone who has internet-access can join the MSF Online Training Program. It does not matter where you are located. You will receive your diet/training plan online, and you there will be constant communication and support via email.
What happens after I purchase an MSF Online Training Program?
  • Once you purchase your MSF Online Training Programs from the MSF website, you will receive a payment confirmation and bill details via email, as well as a separate email with the MSF Fitness Questionnaire and photo submission criteria. These will enable me to understand your current body condition, lifestyle preferences and goals, and help me create a plan that’s just perfect for you. To ensure delivery to your primary inbox, please add MitenSaysFitness@gmail.com and Miten@MitenSaysFitness.com to your address book/safe list.
Will I receive support during my MSF Online Training Program?
  • You will receive constant support and motivation via email throughout our journey together. If you have any doubt, query or concern, no matter how big or small, please do not hesitate to email me on MitenSaysFitness@gmail.com. I’ll assist you, guide you, and motivate you to the best of my capabilities.
How will my MSF Diet Plan be personalised for me?
  • Your personalised diet plan will be built based on your current body condition, lifestyle, preferences and goals. I will carefully calculate the macronutrient requirements for your body and create a diet plan that’s specific to your lifestyle. So, the more information you share with me, the more personalised I can make your plan.
Do I need a gym membership to follow the MSF Workout Plan?
  • No. You need not have a gym membership. I can design your workout plan so that you can exercise at home or outdoors without the need of any special equipment
Do I need to take any supplements or performance boosters in order to achieve my fitness goals?
  • Your diet plan is going to be completely natural. Any inclusion of supplements is completely optional. I do not promote the usage of any kind of performance boosters, and you will not be required to take these to achieve your fitness goals. I do, however, highly recommend the usage of Whey Protein supplements. Nonetheless, if you are not comfortable taking these, I can exclude them from your diet plan.
Is the workout plan too intense?
  • No. Your workout plan will be based on your body’s current capabilities. I’ll update the plan every week as your body progresses and your performance improves.
What kind of food will I be eating as part of my MSF Diet Plan?
  • Your diet plan comes with amazing recipes that are tasty as well as easy to prepare. You’ll be consuming Indian, Mexican, Oriental, Continental and Italian cuisines.
I signed up for MSF Online Training, but do not wish to continue. Can I get a refund?
  • MSF does not currently offer any kind of exchange or refunds. Once you sign up for MSF Online Training, you are a client of MSF until your program expires. If you go through a serious medical emergency, please write to me at Miten@MitenSaysFitness.com to evaluate refund options.
Is there an expiry for the program?
  • Usually, you get 2 weeks to start your MSF Program, after which your subscription expires. You can view the expiry date for your MSF plan on your bill. The expiry may vary for plans sold during MSF offers. Currently, MSF does not provide auto renewals. If you go through a serious medical emergency, we can put your program on pause.
What are my payment options?
  • Currently, you can pay with any Credit or Debit Card, or via Indian Net Banking. If you are situated outside India, you can pay using the PayPal option at checkout.
  • If you are located in India and wish to pay in Cash, kindly write to us at Miten@MitenSaysFitness.com
Can I have a cheat meal?
  • As a part of your MSF Diet plan, you are entitled to more than just a cheat meal; you get a full cheat day once a week! On your cheat day, there are no limitations on what you can eat, and that includes desserts! 
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