8 Week Transformation Plan

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MSF Body Transformation Plan includes:

Personalised Diet Plan:

  • 6 Day weekly personalised diet plan detailing the food items that you need to eat, along with its quantities measured specifically for your body. It includes foods that you prefer and tasty recipes for every single meal.
  • 1 weekly Cheat Day
  • Updated weekly as per feedback and progress made
  • Completely Natural Food
  • Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian

Personalised Workout Plan:

  • New workout every week with detailed notes, sets, reps and rest period
  • Home or Gym based workout
  • Build muscle or cut fat
  • Complete Mobility Warm up Guide
  • Complete Post Workout Stretching Guide
  • Extreme Abs Circuits

Both your plans – Diet as well as Workout – are completely customised to your specifications and are updated weekly based on your progress and feedback.
Also included is 24/7 support and motivation via email.

Once you purchase the 8 Week Transformation Plan, I will send you the MSF Fitness Questionnaire on your email that will allow me to understand your current body condition, lifestyle, preferences and goals. You will receive your plan for Week 1 within 24 hours after you fill up the MSF Fitness Questionnaire and reply back to me.

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2 reviews for 8 Week Transformation Plan

  1. Pallavi (verified owner)

    I was not a believer of online coaches who advertise that they can get results as promised. I followed Miten quietly and a very close friend said she did it and loved it. But she was already into fitness. For me I started slowly losing weight from 2017 at my pace. My pace was at the turtle speed 🙁 . I bought the 8 week plan. When he asked me my goal I said 8-10 lb weight loss, thought I can’t achieve it. But I was wrong, he meticulously planned my diet and exercise (home exercise only as it was hectic at work and told him I can’t go to gym). I lost 9 lbs in 8 weeks dropped pound a week and throughout the course I never felt hungry, fatigued or frustrated. There were days I could not eat everything on the meal plan , he will make sure you are not hungry. His workout plan will work every muscle group and I started to feel my core muscles which I never felt in my life. In one simple sentence I would say you cannot go wrong if you buy any of the transformation plan. My fitness journey with Miten as my coach just started ……….

    Lets Slay this …….

  2. rishieklavya (verified owner)

    I have thoroughly enjoyed these 8 weeks of transformation work out by Miten’s 8 week work out plan. When you sign in he will ask you everything about your daily life and food habits, body goal etc which states that your body goal is his goal too. The diet plan is so well made that you just do not feel hungry rather you feel full full , and plus point you will start cooking too. The work out plan is truly amazing depending on what you choose. Out of all the years of my work out these 8 weeks I have enjoyed the most, and when you are complimented from others you are in a right track. Lastly and most important Miten is always available to whatever queries you ask be it diet or work out. Even if you are travelling he will give you a free hand work out to stay in the rhythm, and that is the best part. Lastly the secret of transformation is his correct technique and formation of work out and most important is his motivation. When this guys says “ Let’s do this”, he actually means – Let’s do this. All the Best Miten and keep slaying. 🙂

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