12 Week Transformation Plan

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MSF Body Transformation Plan includes:

Personalised Diet Plan:

  • 6 Day weekly personalised diet plan detailing the food items that you need to eat, along with its quantities measured specifically for your body. It includes foods that you prefer and tasty recipes for every single meal.
  • 1 weekly Cheat Day
  • Updated weekly as per feedback and progress made
  • Completely Natural Food
  • Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian

Personalised Workout Plan:

  • New workout every week with detailed notes, sets, reps and rest period
  • Home or Gym based workout
  • Build muscle or cut fat
  • Complete Mobility Warm up Guide
  • Complete Post Workout Stretching Guide
  • Extreme Abs Circuits

Both your plans – Diet as well as Workout – are completely customised to your specifications and are updated weekly based on your progress and feedback.
Also included is 24/7 support and motivation via email.
Once you purchase the 12 Week Transformation Plan, I will send you the MSF Fitness Questionnaire on your email that will allow me to understand your current body condition, lifestyle, preferences and goals. You will receive your plan for Week 1 within 24 hours after you fill up the MSF Fitness Questionnaire and reply back to me.

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1 review for 12 Week Transformation Plan

  1. avnikapuri (verified owner)

    I know Miten since University and ever since he started MSF, I knew that someday I will definitely sign up for his plan but the day never came. I have always struggled with being overweight, lazy and not having the motivation to workout. I kept procrastinating and postponing the decision and did not do anything to control my weight. I was due to get engaged in 3 months which is when I finally decided that it was now or never and signed up for this 12-week transformation plan. I had so many concerns particularly about my commitment and how would I follow a strict plan for 12 whole weeks! But Miten was and has always been so patient in answering all my queries diligently, and honestly, signing up was the best decision I’ve made for myself.
    The diet was so enjoyable and so were the workouts! There was never a dull moment or the feeling of ‘same old boring routine’. Miten was always keen to switch things up, he was so accommodating and always found a healthy way to fix my cravings and add tasty meals and snacks to the diet. The continuous feedback and prompt support from Miten made sure that the diet was easy to follow and I was never too hungry or too full. It actually made me realize – healthy can be tasty too, only if we’re willing to put in the effort in the right direction!
    Some of the workouts were challenging in the beginning but the plan is designed to push you slowly and steadily into becoming stronger and fitter. From struggling to finish 4 sets of a routine at the start, I can now do 8-9 of the same without killing myself 😀
    These 12 weeks have been revolutionary and have transformed me not just physically but mentally as well. The biggest take away for me has been portion control and the mindset of making fitness a lifestyle more than a routine. Although the change in the numbers on the weighing scale didn’t always conform to my expectations, I realized that the feeling of fitness (stamina, energy, overall positive mindset) is much more valuable than my body weight – and I absolutely love this realization!
    This plan has made me acknowledge the importance of eating well and in the right quantities, which is something that will stick with me for lifelong. I cannot thank Miten and his team enough for the constant support and guidance throughout the plan. That was essential in achieving my fitness goals and fitting into the clothes I wanted, looking great and feeling fab! Miten is a real inspiration and the positive change in me is motivating people around me as well, which is a great testament of his effort and hard work. For anyone wanting to experience the real and right way to get fit, I would urge you to sign up for this plan without a second thought!

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